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TT2140 PDF Datasheet

The TT2140 is (tt2135 - Tt2141) Small Kva 3 Phase Isolation Transformer. It also consolidates and displays results from multiple manufacturers with the same part number and similar functionality.


Searched parts can be used interchangeably as substitutes for one another, But it's important to note that the parameters for each manufacturer may vary slightly.

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No Part number Description ( Function ) Manufacturers PDF
2 TT2140
(TT2135 - TT2141) Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer

Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer VA: Input Voltage: Out put Voltage: Taps: Insula tion Class: Impedan ce: 350, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 2000, 3000 415 Delta 600Y/347 See wiring diagram Class F 155º C 2.5 - 3.5% Phase: Frequency: BIL: Coils: Temp Rise: TT2135-TT2141 Three-Phase 50 Hz 4 kV Copper 100º C Open Enclosure Full 10 Year Warranty Feature Highlights 10 Year Warr

1 TT2140LS
Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output Applications

Ordering number : ENN7215A TT2140LS TT2140LS Features • • • • • NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output Applications High speed. High breakdown voltage (VCBO=1500V). High reliability (Adoption of HVP process). Adoption of MBIT process. On-chip damper diode. Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C Parameter

Sanyo Electric
Sanyo Electric


List of most widely used semiconductors

Part Number Function Manufacturers PDF

The 1N4007 is a rectification diode that is designed for high-voltage applications, typically up to 1000V. It has a maximum current rating of 1A and a forward voltage drop of around 0.7V.

Vishay Semiconductor

This is a popular adjustable voltage regulator.
( 1.2V to 37V)

On Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

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