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BGF148 PDF Datasheet

The BGF148 is 7 Line Esd And Emi Interface Protection DevICe. It also consolidates and displays results from multiple manufacturers with the same part number and similar functionality.


Searched parts can be used interchangeably as substitutes for one another, But it's important to note that the parameters for each manufacturer may vary slightly.

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1 BGF148
7 line ESD and EMI interface protection device

BGF148 7 line ESD and EMI interface protection device BGF148 Datasheet Revision 1.9.2, 2014-04-02 Final Power Management & Multimarket Edition 2014-04-02 Published by Infineon Technologies AG 81726 Munich, Germany © 2014 Infineon Technologies AG All Rights Reserved. Information For further information on technology, delivery terms and conditions and prices, please contact the


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Part No Description ( Function) Manufacturers PDF
11-VM148   10Bit Current Sinking VCM Driver

11-VM148 Version Issue Date File Name Total Page : A.001 : 2009-05-19 : SP-VM148-A.001.doc : 17 130mA, 10Bit Current Sinking VCM Driver with I2C Interface 新竹市展業一路 9 號 7 樓之 1 SILICON TOUCH TECHNOLOGY INC. 9-7F-1, Prosperity Rd I, Science-Based Industrial Pa

datasheet pdf
1481   P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

Shenzhen Tuofeng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd 1481 NCE P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET Description The 1481 uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON), low gate charge and operation with gate voltages .This device is suitable for use as a load swi

Tuofeng Semiconductor
Tuofeng Semiconductor
datasheet pdf
1N4148   100V, 200mA, High-speed diode

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET M3D176 1N4148; 1N4448 High-speed diodes Product specification Supersedes data of 1996 Sep 03 1999 May 25 Philips Semiconductors Product specification High-speed diodes FEATURES • Hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) package

NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors
datasheet pdf
1N4148   100V, 0.2A, Small Signal Fast Switching Diode

www.vishay.com 1N4148 Vishay Semiconductors Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes MECHANICAL DATA Case: DO-35 Weight: approx. 105 mg Cathode band color: black Packaging codes/options: TR/10K per 13" reel (52 mm tape), 50K/box TAP/10K per ammopack (52 mm tape), 50K/box FEATURES

Vishay Telefunken
Vishay Telefunken
datasheet pdf
1N4148   FAST SWITCHING DIODE ( 100V, 200mA )

WTE POWER SEMICONDUCTORS 1N4148 Pb FAST SWITCHING DIODE Features ! ! ! ! Fast Switching Speed A Glass Package Version for High Reliability A B High Conductance Available in Both Through-Hole and Surface Mount Versions C 

Won-Top Electronics
Won-Top Electronics
datasheet pdf


List of most widely used semiconductors

Part Number Function Manufacturers PDF

The 1N4007 is a rectification diode that is designed for high-voltage applications, typically up to 1000V. It has a maximum current rating of 1A and a forward voltage drop of around 0.7V.

Vishay Semiconductor

This is a popular adjustable voltage regulator.
( 1.2V to 37V)

On Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

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