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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Chips Garden", performs the same function as "NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion Battery Twin Charge Control IC".

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Part Number ST-828
Description NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion Battery Twin Charge Control IC
Manufacturers Chips Garden 
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NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion Battery
Seq. Twin Charge Control IC
Main Function
General Description
For NiCd / NiMH battery apply
constant-current (C.C.) charge
technique and provide -V/t,
Timer, V-Max, terminate-
condition detection Apply
trickle charge current after
battery was full-charged.
For Li-Ion battery apply
constant-voltage (C.V.) charge
technique to ensure safety and
prevent battery from damage.
Provide battery chemistry type
input selection, allow system to
identify battery type via proper
interface circuit.
Support LED/LCD display.
Provide battery power indicator
(LCD mode) to illustrate the
battery power in percentage.
Support battery discharge
16 Pin SOP Package
ST-828 has the most simplest and economic way by using the
LM339 associate with advance software program to achieve the
goal of constant-current and constant-voltagecontrol. Especially
suitable for the up-to-date Li-Ion battery charge control and
MiMH/NiCd battery are also available.
ST-828 for the phone-set which built-in charge-control function
itself, provide a simplest solution to detect the charge status of
phone-set. Basically, the phone-set will has higher priority to charge
than the battery if both in their own slot. System will monitor the
charging status of phone-set and detect the "charge-terminate"
situation of phone-set and then transfer the charge process to the
ST-828 support LED/LCD indicators could illustrate the condition
during charging (Red-LED for Rapid-Charge, Green-LED for
Full-Charged in LED display mode, and 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% for
charging power indicator in LCD display mode).
ST-828 is the best cost performance IC to achieve the goal of
higher quality and lower the cost of twin charger solution.
Display Reference
LCD Display
PH 25% 50% 75% 100%
LED Display
All information may subject to change without notice, Contact us for latest Information !!!
(C) 1999 Chips Garden Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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March 13, 2000

ST-828 equivalent
Pin Functions and Descriptions
(2) APHONE : Phone-set charge indicator output terminal.
In LCD display mode, Pin 7 was defined as phone-set charge indicator output. Since the
4.7Kwas not connected; hence it can be connected to phone-set segment of LCD panel.
Pin 8 CTRL : A/D conversion control output terminal.
Pin 8
To A/D Channel
Pin 9 (1) /BFULL Battery full-charged indicator output terminal. (LED mode)
(2) B25% Battery charge 25% power indicator output terminal. (LCD mode)
(3) OPTION1 MCU option1 selection input terminal.
Pin 10 (1) /BFAST Battery fast charge indicator output terminal. (LED mode)
(2) B50% Battery charge 50% power indicator output terminal. (LCD mode)
(3) OPTION2 MCU option2 selection input terminal.
Pin 11 (1) /AFULL Phone-set full-charged indicator output terminal. (LED mode)
(2) B75% Battery charge 75% power indicator output terminal. (LCD mode)
(3) OPTION3 MCU option3 selection input terminal.
Pin 12 (1) /AFAST Phone-set fast charge indicator output terminal. (LED mode)
(2) B100% Battery charge 100% power indicator output terminal. (LCD mode)
(3) OPTION4 MCU option4 selection input terminal.
Pin 13 (1) CHB : Battery charge control output terminal.
Pin 13 in high-level state indicate battery was in charge-on-duty.
Fast Charge
Trickle Charge
Duty Cycle=90%
Duty Cycle=10%
(2) /PULSE : Phone-set charge signal detection terminal.
By detecting the charge signal issued from phone-set, the system could identify the
charging progress of phone-set and determine when the phone was full-charged, then the
system could transfer to another mode in order to charge the battery in the rear-slot.
In the time when the phone-set was charging, system still could identify the charging
pattern to look for the intervals to charge battery if phone-set was in charge-off-duty state.
All information may subject to change, Contact us for latest information !!!
(C) 1999 Chips Garden Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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March 13, 2000


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