What is AMD-751?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "AMD", performs the same function as "System Controller Revision Guide".

AMD-751 Datasheet PDF - AMD

Part Number AMD-751
Description System Controller Revision Guide
Manufacturers AMD 
Logo AMD Logo 

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Preliminary Information
System Controller
Revision Guide
Publication # 22564 Rev: B-1
Issue Date: February 2000

AMD-751 equivalent
22564B-1February 2000
Preliminary Information
AMD-751System Controller Revision Guide
2 Product Errata
This section documents AMD-751 system controller product errata. A unique tracking number for each
erratum has been assigned within this document for user convenience in tracking the errata within
specific revision levels. Table 2 cross-references the revisions of the processor to each erratum. An X
indicates that the erratum applies to the revision. The absence of an Xindicates that the erratum
does not apply to the revision.
Note: There can be missing errata numbers. Errata that have been resolved from early revisions of the
controller have been deleted, and errata that have been reconsidered may have been deleted or
Table 2. Cross-Reference of Product Revision to Errata
Erratum Number and Description
1 Invalid Read Performed After a Slave PCI Target Abort
2 Arbitration Latency Due to No Bus Preemption
3 PCI ARB_DIS Bit Set When DMA is Active
8 GART Requestors Do Not Work With TLB Caches Off
18 Burst Writes to Non-Existent AGP Memory Hang System
20 AGP AD_STB[1:0] Strobe Glitch with Nvidia NV10-Based (GeForce) Cards
19 Setting the Queue Bypass-Mode Bit Causes Memory Failure
21 Potential Memory Failure When Using Certain Double-Sided SDRAM Memory DIMMs
AMD Athlon™ System Bus
12 Incomplete AMD Athlon System Bus Disconnect Causes AMD-751 To Hang
14 BAR0[3] Initial Setting Causes OS/2 Warp Install Error
15 Ref_5V Cannot Be At A Lower Voltage Than Vcc (3.3V)
C3 C5


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