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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Micrel Semiconductor", performs the same function as "Precision 3.2Gbps CML/LVPECL Backplane Transceiver".

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Part Number SY58621L
Description Precision 3.2Gbps CML/LVPECL Backplane Transceiver
Manufacturers Micrel Semiconductor 
Logo Micrel Semiconductor Logo 

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Precision 3.2Gbps CML/LVPECL Backplane
Transceiver with Integrated Loopback
General Description
The SY58621L is a low jitter, high-speed transceiver
with a variable swing LVPECL transmitter buffer and a
CML high-gain receiver optimized for precision telecom
and enterprise server transmission line and backplane
data management. The SY58621L distributes data to
3.2Gbps guaranteed over temperature and voltage.
The SY58621L transmitter differential input includes
Micrel’s unique, patented 3-pin input termination
architecture that directly interfaces to any (AC- or DC-
coupled) differential signal as small as 100mV
(200mVPP) without any termination resistor network in
the signal path. The receiver differential input is
optimized to interface directly to AC-coupled signals as
small as 10mV (20mVPP). The receiver output is 50_
source-terminated CML and the transmitter output is
variable swing 80mV to 800mV LVPECL with extremely
fast rise/fall time.
To support remote self-testing, the SY58621L features a
high-speed loopback test mode. The input control signal
LOOPBACK enables an internal loopback path from the
transmitter input to the receiver output.
The SY58621L operates from a 3.3V ±10% supply and
is guaranteed over the full industrial temperature range
of –40°C to +85°C. The SY58621L is part of Micrel’s
high-speed, Precision Edge® product line. For
applications that requires a CML receiver and
transmitter, consider the SY58620L.
All support documentation can be found on Micrel’s web
site at:
Backplane management
Active cable transceivers
SONET/SDH data/clock applications
4X Fibre Channel applications
Precision Edge®
Guaranteed AC performance over temperature and
- Maximum Throughput 3.2Gbps
- <160ps tr/tf time
- Patented input termination directly interfaces to AC-
or DC-coupled differential inputs
- Variable swing LVPECL output
- 32dB high-gain Input
- Internal 50input termination
- Accepts AC-coupled input signals as small as 10mV
- 400mV (800mVPP) differential CML output swing
Loss-of-Signal (LOS)
- High-gain, TTL-compatible LOS output with internal
- Programmable LOS level set
Ultra-low jitter design
- <5psRMS random jitter
Patent-pending MUX isolates the receiver and the
transmitter channels minimizing on crosstalk
Selectable loopback diagnostic mode
Output enables on transmitter and receiver outputs
Power supply +3.3V ±10%
Industrial temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Available in 24-pin (4mm x 4mm) MLF™
Precision telecom
Enterprise server
Test and measurement
Precision Edge is a registered trademark of Micrel, Inc.
MLF and MicroLeadFrame are trademarks of Amkor Technology, Inc.
Micrel Inc. • 2180 Fortune Drive • San Jose, CA 95131 • USA • tel +1 (408) 944-0800 • fax + 1 (408) 474-1000 •
January 2006
[email protected] or (408) 955-1690

SY58621L equivalent
Micrel, Inc.
Pin Number
17, 16
5, 6
Pin Name
Pin Description
Loss-of-Signal Output. TTL-compatible output with internal 4.75kΩ pull-up resistor. Loss-of-
Signal asserts to logic HIGH when the receiver input amplitudes fall below the threshold set
RX Loss-of-Signal Level Set. A resistor (RLOSLVL) connected between LOSLVL and VCC sets
the threshold for the data input amplitude at which the LOS output is asserted. Default is max
sensitivity. LOSLVL is used to set the Loss-of-Signal (LOS) voltage. It is internally connected
to a 2.8kΩ pull-down resistor to an internal VREF voltage source. See “Typical Operating
Characteristics,” and “Application Implementation” sections for more details.
Receiver Differential Output. Output is CML compatible. Refer to the “Truth Table” and
“Output Stage” sections for more details. Unused output pair may be left open. The output is
designed to drive 400mV (800mVPP) into 50Ω to VCC or 100Ω across the pair.
Transmitter differential Variable Swing Output. Output is LVPECL-compatible. Please refer
to the “Truth Table” section for details. Unused output pair may be left open. Each output is
designed to drive 80mV (min) to 800mV (typ) into 50_ to VCC-2V depending on TXVCTRL.
Transmitter Output Reference Voltage. Output biases to VCC_TXQ-1.3V. Connecting VREF_CTRL
to TXVCTRL sets the transmitter output swing to max swing.
Transmitter Input Reference Voltage. This output biases to VCC-1.3V. It is used when AC
coupling the transmitter input. For AC-coupled applications, connect TXVREF-AC to the
TXVT pin and bypass with a 0.01µF low ESR capacitors to VCC. See “Input Stage” section for
more details. Maximum sink/source current is ±1.5mA.
Power Pins
Pin Number
3, 24
12, 15, 18
Pin Name
Exposed Pad
Pin Description
Ground. GND pins and exposed pad must be connected to the same ground plane.
3.3V ±10% Positive Power Supply. Bypass with 0.1µF//0.01µF low ESR capacitors and place
as close to each VCC pins as possible. Power pins are not connected internally and must be
connected to the same power supply externally.
3.3V ±10% Receive Input Power Supply. Bypass with 0.1µF//0.01µF low ESR capacitors and
place as close to the VCC_RXIN pin as possible. Power pins are not connected internally and
must be connected to the same power supply externally.
3.3V ±10% Output Transmit Power Supply. Bypass with 0.1µF//0.01µF low ESR capacitors
and place as close to the VCC_TXQ pin as possible. Power pins are not connected internally
and must be connected to the same power supply externally.
Truth Table
January 2006
5 M9999-012006-B
[email protected] or (408) 955-1690


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