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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "WEDC", performs the same function as "(ENH104V1-xxx) Color TFT-LCD Module Features".

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Part Number ENH104V1-450
Description (ENH104V1-xxx) Color TFT-LCD Module Features
Manufacturers WEDC 
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White Electronic Designs
Display Systems Division
ENH104V1-350/450 Color TFT-LCD Module Features
White Electronic Designs Display Systems Division
provides optically enhanced solutions to the standard
Sharp LQ104V1DG21 color active matrix LCD module.
The first enhancement is an index matching (IM) film
lamination to the front surface of the display polarizer. The
IM film is available in two surface treatments - IM/Clear and
IM/110 (a 10% diffusion).The second enhancement is the
incorporation of an enhanced light guide (ELG) providing
for up to 30% increase in brightness.
This module is composed of a color TFT-LCD panel,
driver ICs, and a backlight unit. Graphics and text can
be displayed on a 640 X 3 X 480 dot panel with 262, 144
color by supplying 18-bit data signal (6bit/color), four timing
signals, +3.3V/+5V DC supply voltage for TFT-LCD panel
driving and supply voltage for backlight.
The TFT-LCD panel used for this module is a low-reflection
and higher-color-saturation type. Therefore, this module
is also suitable for multimedia use. Optimum viewing
direction is 6 o'clock. Backlight-driving DC/AC inverter is
not built in this module.
White assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting
from the use of the device which does not comply with
the instructions and the precautions specified in these
specification sheets. White does assume the responsibility
for the warranty of the enhanced product.
Display size (cm)
26 (10.4") Diagonal
Active area (mm)
211.2 (H) x 158.4 (V)
Pixel format
640 (H) x 480 (V)
(1 =R+G+B dots)
Pixel pitch (mm)
0.330 (H) x 0.330 (V)
Pixel configuration
R,G,B vertical stripe
Display mode
Normally white
Unit outline dimensions (1) (mm)
265.0 (W) x 195.0 (H) x 11.5max(D)
Mass (g)
700 (max)
Surface treatment
IM/Clear (glossy) or IM/110 and hardcoat 3H
1. Excluding backlight cables. Outline dimensions shown in Fig.1
Note: This measurement is typical, and see Fig. 3 for details.
White Electronic Designs Corp. reserves the right to change products or specifications without notice.
Original specifications created by Sharp.
September 2003
Rev. 0
1 Display Systems Division • Hillsboro, OR • (503) 690-2460 •

ENH104V1-450 equivalent
White Electronic Designs
Display Systems Division
The backlight system is an edge-lighting type with single CCFT (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube).
The characteristics of a single lamp are shown in the folliowing table..
Lamp current
Lamp power consumption
Lamp frequency
Kickoff voltage
Lamp life time
MAX Unit
IL 2.0 6.0 6.5 mArms
PL - 3.0 - W
FL 20 35 60 KHz
VS -
- (950) Vrms
LL 50000
- hour
tA=0°C (4)
tA=-10°C (4)
3 ~A
* 3pin is VLOW
1. Lamp current is measured with current meter for high frequency as shown above.
2. At the condition of IL= 6.0mArms
3. Lamp frequency may produce interference with horizontal synchronous frequency,and this may cause horizontal beat on the display. Therefore, lamp frequency shall be
detached as much as possible from the horizontal synchronous frequency and from the harmonics of horizontal synchronous to avoid interference.
4. The open output voltage of the inverter shall be maintained for more than 1 sec; otherwise the lamp may not be turned on.
5. Since lamp is consumables, the life time written above is referential value and it is not guaranteed in this specification sheet by White.
Lamp life time is defined that it applied either (1) or (2) under this condition (Continuous turning on at tA=25°C, IL=6.0mArms)
1. Brightness becomes 50% of the original value under standard condition.
2. Kick-off voltage at tA=10°C exceeds maximum value,1500 Vrms. In case of operating under lower temp environment, the lamp degradation is accelerated and the
brightness becomes lower.
(Continuous operating for a minimum of one month under lower temp condition may reduce the brightness to 50% of the original brightness.)
In case of such usage under lower temp environment, periodical lamp exchange by White is recommended
6. The performance of the backlight, for example life time; or brightness, is extremely infuenced by the characteristics of the DC-AC inverter, make certain that poor lighting caused
by the mismatch of the backlight and the inverter (miss-lighting, flicker, ect.) do not occur. Once this is verified, the module should be operating in the same condition as it is
installed in the instrument.
7. It is required to have the inverter designed to allow the impedance deviation of the two CCFT lamps and the capacity deviation of barast capacitor.
White Electronic Designs Corp. reserves the right to change products or specifications without notice.
Original specifications created by Sharp.
September 2003
Rev. 0
5 Display Systems Division • Hillsboro, OR • (503) 690-2460 •


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