What is MSM66201?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "OKI electronic componets", performs the same function as "(MSM66201 / MSM66207) OLMS-66K Series 16-Bit Microcontroller".

MSM66201 Datasheet PDF - OKI electronic componets

Part Number MSM66201
Description (MSM66201 / MSM66207) OLMS-66K Series 16-Bit Microcontroller
Manufacturers OKI electronic componets 
Logo OKI electronic componets Logo 

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¡ Semiconductor¡ Semiconductor
MSM66201T/6h6isPv2e0r1s/io6n6:20Ja7n/6. 619P92807
Previous version: Nov. 1996
OLMS-66K Series 16-Bit Microcontroller
The MSM66201/66207 is a high performance microcontroller that employs OKI original nX-8/
200 CPU core. This chip includes a 16-bit CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O ports, multifunction 16-bit
timers, 10-bit A/D converter, serial I/O port, and pulse width modulator (PWM). The
MSM66P201/66P207 is the OTP (One-Time Programmable) version of the MSM66201/66207.
• 64K address space for program memory : Internal ROM : MSM66201 16K bytes
MSM66207 32K bytes
• 64K address space for data memory
: Internal RAM : MSM66201 512 bytes
MSM66207 1024 bytes
• High-speed execution
Minimum cycle for instruction
: 400ns @ 10MHz
• Powerful instruction set
: Instruction set superior in orthogonal matrix
8/16-bit data transfer instructions
8/16-bit arithmetic instructions
Multiplication and division operation instructions
Bit manipulation instructions
Bit logic instrucitons
ROM table reference instructions
• Abundant addressing modes
: Register addressing
Page addressing
Pointing register indirect addressing
Stack addressing
Immediate value addressing
• I/O port
Input-output port
: 5 ports ¥ 8 bits
(Each bit can be assigned to input or output)
Input port
: 1 port ¥ 8 bits
• Built-in multifunctional 16-bit timer
Following 4 modes can be set for each timer : Auto-reload timer mode
Clock output mode
Capture register mode
Real time output mode
• Serial port
: 1 channel (Synchronous/UART switchable
mode with baud rate generators)
• 16-bit pulse width modulator
• Watchdog timer
• Transition detector
• 10-bit A/D converter
: 8 channels
• Interrupts
: Internal 16/external 2
• Stand-by function
STOP mode
: Software clock stop mode
HALT mode
: Software CPU stop mode
HOLD mode
: Hardware CPU stop mode

MSM66201 equivalent
¡ Semiconductor
A11/P1.3 4
A12/P1.4 5
A13/P1.5 6
A14/P1.6 7
A15/P1.7 8
P2.0 9
P2.1 10
P2.2 11
CLKOUT/P2.3 12
ALE 14
RD 16
48 P5.2/AI2
47 P5.1/AI1
46 P5.0/AI0
45 P4.7/TRNS3
44 P4.6/TRNS2
43 P4.5/TRNS1
42 P4.4/TRNS0
41 P4.3/PWM1
40 P4.2/PWM0
39 P4.1/TM1CK
38 P4.0/TM0CK
37 P3.7/TM3IO
36 P3.6/TM2IO
35 P3.5/TM1IO
34 P3.4/TM0IO
33 P3.3/INT1
64-Pin Plastic QFP


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