What is TLP666GF?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Toshiba Semiconductor", performs the same function as "TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired & Photo Triac".

TLP666GF Datasheet PDF - Toshiba Semiconductor

Part Number TLP666GF
Description TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired & Photo Triac
Manufacturers Toshiba Semiconductor 
Logo Toshiba Semiconductor Logo 

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TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired & PhotoTriac
Office Machine
Household Use Equipment
Triac Driver
Solid State Relay
Unit in mm
The TOSHIBA TLP666FG consists of a zero voltage crossing turnon
phototriac optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared emitting
diode in a six lead plastic DIP.
All parameters are tested to the specification of TLP666G.
(both condition and limits)
· Peak offstate voltage: 400 V (min.)
· Trigger LED current: 10 mA (max.)
· Onstate current: 100 mA (max.)
· UL recognized: UL1577, file no. E67349
· Isolation voltage: 5000 Vrms (min.)
· Option (D4) type
VDE approved: DIN VDE0884 / 08.87,
Certificate no. 68383
Maximum operating insulation voltage: 630VPK
Highest permissible over voltage: 6000VPK
Weight: 0.44 g
(Note 1) When a VDE0884 approved type is needed,
please designate the “ Option (D4) ”
· Structural parameter
Creepage distance: 8.0mm (min.)
Clearance: 8.0mm (min.)
Insulation thickness: 0.5mm (min.)
· Conforming safety standards:
DIN 57 804 / VDE0804 / 1.83
DIN IEC65 / VDE0860 / 8.81
DIN IEC380 / VDE0806 / 8.81
DIN IEC435 / VDE0805 / Draft Nov. 84
DIN IEC601T1 / VDE0750T1 / 5.82
BS7002: 1989 (EN60950)
Pin Configurations (top view)
3 ZC
1: Anode
2: Cathode
3: NC
4: Terminal 1
6: Terminal 2
1 2002-09-25

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