What is UPD485505?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "NEC", performs the same function as "LINE BUFFER 5K-WORD BY 8-BIT".

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Part Number UPD485505
Manufacturers NEC 
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The µPD485505 is a 5,048 words by 8 bits high speed FIFO (First In First Out) line buffer. Its CMOS static circuitry
provides high speed access and low power consumption.
The µPD485505 can be used for one line delay and time axis conversion in high speed facsimile machines and
digital copiers.
Moreover, the µPD485505 can execute read and write operations independently on an asynchronous basis. Thus
the µPD485505 is suitable as a buffer for data transfer between units with different transfer rates and as a buffer for
the synchronization of multiple input signals. There are three versions, E, K, P, and L. This data sheet can be applied
to the version P and L. These versions operate with different specifications. Each version is identified with its lot
number (refer to 7. Example of Stamping).
• 5,048 words by 8 bits
• Asynchronous read/write operations available
• Variable length delay bits; 21 to 5,048 bits (Cycle time: 25 ns)
15 to 5,048 bits (Cycle time: 35 ns)
• Power supply voltage VCC = 5.0 V ± 0.5 V
• Suitable for sampling one line of A3 size paper (16 dots/mm)
• All input/output TTL compatible
• 3-state output
• Full static operation; data hold time = infinity
Ordering Information
Part Number
R/W Cycle Time
25 ns
35 ns
24-pin plastic SOP
(11.43 mm (450))
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please
confirm that this is the latest version.
Not all devices/types available in every country. Please check with local NEC representative for availability
and additional information.
Document No. M10059EJ7V0DSJ1 (7th edition)
Date Published December 2000 N CP(K)
Printed in Japan
The mark shows major revised points.

UPD485505 equivalent
2. Operation Mode
µPD485505 is a synchronous memory. All signals are strobed at the rising edge of the clock (RCK, WCK).
For this reason, setup time and hold time are specified for the rising edge of the clock (RCK, WCK).
2.1 Write Cycle
When the WE input is enabled (“L” level), a write cycle is executed in synchronization with the WCK clock
The data inputs are strobed by the rising edge of the clock at the end of a cycle so that read data after a one-
line (5,048 bits) delay and write data can be processed with the same clock. Refer to Write Cycle Timing Chart.
When WE is disabled (“H” level) in a write cycle, the write operation is not performed during the cycle which
the WCK rising edge is in the WE = “H” level (tWEW). The WCK does not increment the write address pointer
at this time.
Unless inhibited by WE, the internal write address will automatically wrap around from 5,047 to 0 and begin
incrementing again.
2.2 Read Cycle
When the RE input is enabled (“L” level), a read cycle is executed in synchronization with the RCK clock input
and data is output after tAC. Refer to Read Cycle Timing Chart.
When RE is disabled (“H” level) in a read cycle, the read operation is not performed during the cycle which
the RCK rising edge is in the RE = “H” level (tREW). The RCK does not increment the read address pointer at
this time.
2.3 Write Reset Cycle/Read Reset Cycle
After power up, the µPD485505 requires the initialization of internal circuits because the read and write
address pointers are not defined at that time.
It is necessary to satisfy setup requirements and hold times as measured from the rising edge of WCK and
RCK, and then input the RSTW and RSTR signals to initialize the circuit.
Write and read reset cycles can be executed at any time and the address pointer returns zero. Refer to Write
Reset Cycle Timing Chart, Read Reset Cycle Timing Chart.
Remark Write and read reset cycles can be executed at any time and do not depend on the state of RE or WE.
Data Sheet M10059EJ7V0DS00


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