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4 Z00607MA
Triac logic level

Z00607MA Triac logic level Rev. 01 — 26 February 2008 Product data sheet 1. Product profile 1.1 General description Passivated sensitive gate triac in a SOT54 plastic package 1.2 Features I Sensitive gate I Direct interfacing to logic level ICs I Gate triggering in four quadrants I Direct interfacing to low power gate drive circuits 1.3 Applications I General purpose switching and phase I Low power AC fan speed controllers control 1.4 Quick reference data I VDRM ≤ 600 V I IGT ≤ 5 mA I IGT ≤ 7 mA (T2− G+) I IT(RMS) ≤ 0.8 A I ITSM ≤ 9 A (t = 20 ms) 2. Pinning information Table 1. Pin 1 2 3 Pinning Description main terminal 2 (T2) gate (G) main term

NXP - Z00607MA pdf datasheet
Z00607MA datasheet pdf
3 Z00607MA

Z00607MA Rev.E Mar.-2016 描述 / Descriptions TO-92 塑封封装双向可控硅。Triac in a TO-92 Plastic Package.  特征 / Features 低控制极触发电流。 Low gate triggering current. 用途 / Applications 用于低功率交流转换。 For low power AC switching applications. 内部等效电路 / Equivalent Circuit DATA SHEET 引脚排列 / Pinning 123 PIN1:Main Terminal 2 PIN 2:Gate PIN 3:Main Terminal 1 放大及印章代码 / hFE Classifications & Marking 见印章说明。See Marking Instructions. http://www.fsbrec.com 1/7 Z00607MA Rev.E Mar.-2016 DATA SHEET 极限参数 / Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃) 参数 Parameter Non-repetitiv

BLUE ROCKET ELECTRONICS - Z00607MA pdf datasheet
Z00607MA datasheet pdf
2 Z00607MA
Standard 0.8 A Triacs

A2 G A1 A2 A1 G TO-92 Z00607MA A2 G A2 A1 SOT-223 Z00607MN Features • On-state rms current = 0.8 A • Repetitive peak off-state voltage = 600 V • Gate triggering current = 5 mA Z00607 Standard 0.8 A Triacs Datasheet - production data Description The Z00607 is suitable for low power AC switching applications. Typical applications include home appliances (electrovalve, pump, door lock, small lamp control), fan speed controllers,... Thanks to the low gate triggering current these triacs can be driven directly by microcontrollers. June 2014 This is information on a product in full production. DocID6629 Rev 9 1/8 www.st.com Characteristics 1 Characteristics Z006

STMicroelectronics - Z00607MA pdf datasheet
Z00607MA datasheet pdf
1 Z00607MA
Sensitive Gate Triacs

TM Z00607MA HPM Sensitive Gate Triacs HAOPIN MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Description Passivated, sensitive gate triacs in a plastic envelope, intended for use in general purpose bidirectional switching and phase control applications, where high sensitivity is required in all four quadrants. Symbol Simplified outline T2 T1 G 123 TO-92 Pin Description 1 Main terminal 1 (T1) 2 gate (G) 3 Main terminal 2 (T2) Applications: Motor control Industrial and domestic lighting Heating Static switching Features Blocking voltage to 600 V On-state RMS current to 0.8 A SYMBOL VDRM IT RMS ITSM PARAMETER Repetitive peak off-state voltages RMS on-state current full sine wave Non-re

HAOPIN - Z00607MA pdf datasheet
Z00607MA datasheet pdf

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