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SILICON BRIDGE RECTIFIERS PBL401 thru PBL407 REVERSE VOLTAGE - 50 to 1000 Volts FORWARD CURRENT - 4.0 Amperes FEATURES Rating to 1000V PRV Ideal for printed circuit board Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique The plastic material has UL flammability classification 94V-0 UL Recognition File # E228882 MECHANICAL DATA Polarity : As marked on Body Weight : 0.08 ounces, 2.3 grams Mounting position : Any PBL .580(14.7) .540(13.7) + AC .640(16.3) .60

Compact Technology - PBL405 pdf datasheet
Compact Technology
PBL405 datasheet pdf
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Silicon And Fast Recovery Rectifiers

RoHS Silicon And Fast Recovery Rectifiers TYPE Maximum Maximum Peak Forward Recurrent Average Surge Current Peak Forward Half Reverse Rectified sine-wave Voltage Current Superimposed Maximum Forward Voltage Maximum DC Reverse Current TA=25 OC Typical Reverse Recovery Time Package Style TDGP15A .,LGP15B GP15D GP15G GP15J OGP15K GP15M CPBL401 PBL402 ICPBL403 PBL404 PBL405 NPBL406 PBL407 ORC2 RG2 RRG4C RGP10A TRGP10B CRGP10D RGP10G ERGP10J RGP10K WEJ ELRGP10M VRRM V

WEJ - PBL405 pdf datasheet
PBL405 datasheet pdf
2 PBL405

American Microsemiconductor - PBL405 pdf datasheet
American Microsemiconductor
PBL405 datasheet pdf
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PBL401 - PBL407 4.0A BRIDGE RECTIFIER Features · · · · · · High Case Dielectric Strength of 1500V Low Forward Voltage Drop, High Current Capability Surge Overload Rating to 150A Peak Ideal for Printed Circuit Board Application Plastic Material - UL Flammability Classification 94V-0 UL Listed Under Recognized Component Index, File Number E95060 NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGN USE GBU4005 - GBU410 A PBL B Dim A B C Min 18.50 15.40 19.00 6.20 4.60 1.50 Max 19.50 16.40

Diodes Incorporated - PBL405 pdf datasheet
Diodes Incorporated
PBL405 datasheet pdf

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