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3 OM02
Telecamera Special

w m o OM02 Telecamere Speciali .c U per l’Ispezione dei PCB 4 t e e h S a t a D . w w Telecamere OM02 In un blocco di alluminio anodizzato resistente alle vibrazioni e alla polvere sono integrati telecamera a CCD, obiettivo telecentrico, illuminatore infrarosso e filtro ottico. Il filtro lascia passare e riceve solo la radiazione infrarossa dell’illuminatore, il che rende insensibile la telecamera alle lunghezze d’onda nel visibile e garantisce quindi la totale insensi

Sinartis - OM02 pdf datasheet
OM02 datasheet pdf
2 OM02
Special CCD Cameras

OM02 HIRES Special CCD Cameras for PCB Inspection w w w .D a ta Sh t e e 4U . m o c Image Processing Technologies TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CCD Camera • Sensor: • Standard video: • Number of pixel: • Scanning System: • Video out: • Shutter: • S/N: • Iris: • AGC: CCD 1/3” CCIR B/W 795 Hor. x 596 Ver. 625 lines 50 fields/sec 1 Volt p-p / 75 Ohm 1/50—1/120.000 automatic 52 –60 dB (AGC off) automatic esp. ON /OFF OM02 HIRES CCD camera In an an

Sinartis - OM02 pdf datasheet
OM02 datasheet pdf
1 OM02
Optical Mouse Sensor

OM02 Optical Mouse Sensor Data Sheet Index 1. General description 2. Features 3. Pin configurations (package) and descriptions 4. Absolute maximum rating 5. Electrical characteristics 6. Application circuit Page 1 Page 1 Page 1 Page 3 Page 3 Page 5 OM02 Optical Sensor 1. General description This optical CMOS sensor provides a non-mechanical tracking engine for implementing a computer mouse. On the CMOS IC chip, images are captured, digitized, and then digitally processed. U

ETC - OM02 pdf datasheet
OM02 datasheet pdf

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