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37 OB33
4.0 mA output pad cell

R Austria Mikro Systeme International OB33 CUB 0.6 µm CMOS OB33 is a 4.0 mA output pad cell. Truth Table A L H Q L H OB33 Capacitance Ci (pF) A 4mA PAD Q A 0.224 Area 71.61 mils2 Power 126.30 µW / MHz Delay [ns] = tpd.. = f(SL, L) Output Slope [ns] = op_sl.. = f(L) AC Characteristics : Tj = 25°C with SL = Input Slope [ns] ; L = Output Load [pF] with L = Output Load [pF] Typical Process VDD = 3.3V AC Characteristics Characteristics Symbol tpdar tpdaf op_slar

austriamicrosystems - OB33 pdf datasheet
OB33 datasheet pdf
36 OB3302
Cost Effective CCFL Controller

DC/AC CCFL Controller IC Product Cost Effective CCFL Controller -- Push Pull Description: OB3302 is a cost effective PWM controller that dedicated for CCFL inverter application in push pull topology, it integrates complete functions which includes striking management, dimming control and lamp fail protections. OB3302 Features: Compact and cost effective system design Direct LPWM input Cost effective Push Pull topology Programmable constant PWM frequency High precision refer

GreenEngine - OB3302 pdf datasheet
OB3302 datasheet pdf
35 OB3306
High Integrated LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller

OB3306 DC/AC CCFL Controller IC Product Features: Minimal required external components Push pull topology High precision reference and frequency control External programmability of the key parameters Flexible Dimming mode Control: Analog dimming control Internal burst dimming control External burst (LPWM) dimming control 0-2V DC voltage direct dimming control without external circuits Dimming range programmable (Max.: 100%~0%) Comprehensive Protection Coverage: Output ov

GreenEngine - OB3306 pdf datasheet
OB3306 datasheet pdf
34 OB3309
Highly Integrated U Type CCFL Backlight Controller

On-Bright Confidential to IVT OB3309 Highly Integrated U Type CCFL Backlight Controller Product Specification GENERAL DESCRIPTION OB3309 is a highly integrated and high performance U-type Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) controller optimized for LCD display backlight application. Comprehensive protection functions are integrated, thus it provides a cost effective yet high reliability LCD backlight solution. Operating in push pull configuration, OB3309 converts DC input

On-Bright - OB3309 pdf datasheet
OB3309 datasheet pdf
33 OB3316
High Performance CCFL Controller

OB3316 High Performance CCFL Controller General Description OB3316 is a high performance Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight controller IC dedicated for use in push pull configuration. The controller is designed to drive single or multiple CCFLs in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications. OB3316 converts unregulated DC input voltage to the pseudo sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms in required frequency, to ignite and operate CCFL lamps. OB3316 provides a hi

On-Bright - OB3316 pdf datasheet
OB3316 datasheet pdf
32 OB3328
High Performance CCFL Controller

OB3328/OB3328N High Performance CCFL Controller General Description The OB3328 is a unique, high-efficiency and highprecision Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight co ntroller IC d edicated to full bridg e configuration. The controller i s de signed to drive single or multiple CCF Ls in Liquid Cryst al Display (LCD) applications. The OB332 8 convert s unre gulated DC input voltage to the pure sin usoidal voltage and cu rrent waveforms i n requi red freque ncy, to ign

On-Bright - OB3328 pdf datasheet
OB3328 datasheet pdf

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