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2 MG811

IFT COILS < Pin Type: MG Series> Type: MG811 •Ÿ Product Description •E •E •E •E 8.2•~ 8.2mm Max.(L•~ W), 10.5mm Max. Height. Inductance: 100mH Max. Operating frequency: 500kHz Max. In addition to the reference versions of parameters shown here, custom designs are available to meet your exact requirements •Ÿ www.datasheet39.com Feature •E •E •Ÿ Variable shielded high inductance type. RoHS Compliance Dimensions (mm) ƒA ”ò Max.1.0 • ‚µ o

Sumida Corporation - MG811 pdf datasheet
Sumida Corporation
MG811 datasheet pdf
1 MG811
CO2 Sensor

www.datasheet39.com MG811 CO2 Sensor Features Good sensitivity and selectivity to CO2 Low humidity and temperature dependency Long stability and reproducibility Application Air Quality Control Ferment Process Control Room Temperature CO2 concentration Detection Structure and Testing Circuit Sensor Structure and Testing Circuit as Figure, It composed by solid electrolyte layer £¨ 1£ © £ ¬ Gold electrodes £¨ 2£ © £ ¬ Platinum Lead £¨ 3£ © £ ¬ Heater £¨

ETC - MG811 pdf datasheet
MG811 datasheet pdf

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