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14 BAS28
Surface mount switching diode

BL Galaxy Electrical Production specification Surface mount switching diode FEATURES z Continuous reverse voltage:max.75V Pb z High switching speed:4ns. Lead-free z Repetitive peak forward current:max.500mA BAS28 APPLICATIONS z High speed switching application. ORDERING INFORMATION Type No. Marking BAS28 JT 3 42 1 SOT-143 Package Code SOT-143 MAXIMUM RATING @ Ta=25℃ unless otherwise specified Characteristic Symbol Limits Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM 85 Continuous Reverse Voltage VR 75 Continuous forward current IF 215 Repetitive peak forward current Surge current t=1μs t=1ms t=1s Power Dissipation IFRM IFSM Pd 500 4 1 0.5 250 T

Galaxy Electrical - BAS28 pdf datasheet
Galaxy Electrical
BAS28 datasheet pdf
13 BAS28
Silicon Switching Diode Array (For high-speed switching Electrically insulated diodes)

Silicon Switching Diode Array For high-speed switching q Electrically insulated diodes q BAS 28 Type BAS 28 Marking JTs Ordering Code (tape and reel) Q62702-A77 Pin Configuration Package1) SOT-143 Maximum Ratings Parameter Reverse voltage Peak reverse voltage Forward current Surge forward current, t = 1 µs Total power dissipation, TS = 31 ˚C Junction temperature Storage temperature range Thermal Resistance Junction - ambient2) Junction - soldering point Rth JA Rth JS ≤ ≤ Symbol VR VRM IF IFS Ptot Tj Tstg Values 75 85 200 4.5 330 150 – 65 … + 150 Unit V mA A mW ˚C 500 360 K/W 1) 2) For detailed information see chapter Package Outlines. Package moun

Siemens Semiconductor Group - BAS28 pdf datasheet
Siemens Semiconductor Group
BAS28 datasheet pdf
12 BAS28
Silicon Switching Diode

BAS28... Silicon Switching Diode  For high-speed switching applications  Electrical insulated diodes BAS28/W 4 3 D 1 D 2 1 2 Type BAS28 BAS28W Parameter Diode reverse voltage Peak reverse voltage Forward current Package SOT143 SOT343 Configuration parallel pair parallel pair Symbol VR VRM IF IFS Ptot 330 250 Tj Tstg Symbol RthJS Marking JTs JTs Value 80 85 200 4.5 mA A mW Unit V Maximum Ratings at TA = 25°C, unless otherwise specified Surge forward current, t = 1 µs Total power dissipation BAS28, TS  31°C BAS28W, TS  103°C Junction temperature Storage temperature Thermal Resistance Parameter Junction - soldering point1) BAS28 BAS28W 1For 150 -55 ... 15

Infineon Technologies AG - BAS28 pdf datasheet
Infineon Technologies AG
BAS28 datasheet pdf
11 BAS28
High-speed double diode

BAS28 High-speed double diode Rev. 3 — 22 July 2010 Product data sheet 1. Product profile 1.1 General description Two high-speed switching diodes fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in a small SOT143B Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package. The diodes are not connected. 1.2 Features and benefits „ High switching speed: trr ≤ 4 ns „ Reverse voltage: VR ≤ 75 V „ Repetitive peak reverse voltage: VRRM ≤ 85 V „ Repetitive peak forward current: IFRM ≤ 500 mA „ AEC-Q101 qualified „ Small SMD package 1.3 Applications „ High-speed switching in e.g. surface-mounted circuits 1.4 Quick reference data Table 1. Quick reference data Symbol Par

NXP - BAS28 pdf datasheet
BAS28 datasheet pdf
10 BAS28
High-Speed Double Diode

SMD Type High-Speed Double Diode BAS28 Diodes Features Small plastic SMD package High switching speed: max. 4 ns Continuous reverse voltage:max. 75 V Repetitive peak reverse voltage:max. 85 V Repetitive peak forward current:max. 500 mA . Unit: mm Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25 Parameter repetitive peak reverse voltage continuous reverse voltage continuous forward current repetitive peak forward current Symbol VRMM VR IF IFRM non-repetitive peak forward current IFSM total power dissipation storage temperature junction temperature Ptot Tstg Tj Test Condition 200 100 250 150 square wave; Tj = 25 prior to surge t=1 s t = 1 ms t=1s Tamb = 25 MIN -65 MAX 85 75 2

Kexin - BAS28 pdf datasheet
BAS28 datasheet pdf
9 BAS28

BAS28 DUAL, ISOLATED HIGH SPEED SWITCHING DIODE Central TM Semiconductor Corp. DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR BAS28 type is a ultra-high speed silicon switching diode manufactured by the epitaxial planar process, in an epoxy molded surface mount package with isolated dual diodes, designed for high speed switching applications. Marking code is A61. SOT-143 CASE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25oC) Continuous Reverse Voltage Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Continuous Forward Current Peak Repetitive Forward Current Forward Surge Current, tp=1 µsec. Forward Surge Current, tp=1 msec. Forward Surge Current, tp=1 sec. Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Junction Temperatur

Central Semiconductor Corp - BAS28 pdf datasheet
Central Semiconductor Corp
BAS28 datasheet pdf

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