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100 1N4148

DC COMPONENTS CO., LTD. R 1N914 THRU 1N 4148 1N 4454 RECTIFIER SPECIALISTS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF HIGH SPEED SWITCHING DIODES VOLTAGE RANGE -50 to 100 Volts CURRENT - 0.075 to 0.2 Ampere FEATURES * * * * * Silicon epitaxial planar diodes Low power loss, high efficiency Low leakage Low forward voltage High speed switching DO-34 / DO-35 * High current capability * High reliability MECHANICAL DATA * * * * * Case: Glass sealed case Lead: MIL-STD-202E, Method 208 guara

Dc Components - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
Dc Components
1N4148 datasheet pdf
99 1N4148

Leshan Radio Company - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
Leshan Radio Company
1N4148 datasheet pdf
98 1N4148
Switching Diodes

www.datasheet39.com SIYU R DO-34 Glass DO-35 Glass 1N4148 开关二极管 Switching Diodes 特征 Features ·反向漏电流小。Low reverse leakage ·开关速度快。Fast switching speed ·最大功率耗散500mW。Maximum power dissipation 500mW ·高稳定性和可靠性。High stability and high reliability ·引线和管体皆符合RoHS标准 。 Lead and body according with RoHS standard 机械数据 Mechanical Data 封装: 玻璃封装 Unit:mm Unit:mm Case:

SIYU - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
1N4148 datasheet pdf
97 1N4148
Switching Diodes

ITT - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
1N4148 datasheet pdf
96 1N4148
Switching diode

1N4148 / 1N4150 / 1N4448 / 1N914B Diodes Switching diode 1N4148 / 1N4150 / 1N4448 / 1N914B ∗This product is available only outside of Japan. !Applications High-speed switching !External dimensions (Units : mm) !Features 1) Glass sealed envelope. (GSD) 2) High speed. 3) High reliability. CATHODE BAND (BLACK) Type No. φ 0.5±0.1 C 29±1 3.8±0.2 29±1 A φ 1.8±0.2 !Construction Silicon epitaxial planar ROHM : GSD EIAJ : − JEDEC : DO-35 !Absolute maximum ratings

Rohm - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
1N4148 datasheet pdf
95 1N4148

• 1N4148-1 AVAILABLE IN JAN, JANTX, AND JANTXV PER MIL-PRF-19500/116 • SWITCHING DIODE • HERMETICALLY SEALED • METALLURGICALLY BONDED • DOUBLE PLUG CONSTRUCTION 1N4148-1 MAXIMUM RATINGS Operating Temperature: -65°C to +200°C Storage Temperature: -65°C to +200°C Operating Current: 200 mA @ TA = +25°C Derating Factor: 1.14 mA/°C Above TA = + 25°C Surge Current A: 2A, sine wave, Pw = 8.3ms Surge Current B: 1.41A, square wave, Pw = 8.3ms ELECTRICAL CHARACTERIS

Compensated Deuices Incorporated - 1N4148 pdf datasheet
Compensated Deuices Incorporated
1N4148 datasheet pdf

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