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6999 1N40

1N40 UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD Preliminary 1A, 400V N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET „ DESCRIPTION The UTC 1N40 is an N-channel mode power MOSFET using UTC’ s advanced technology to provide customers with planar stripe and DMOS technology. This technology is specialized in allowing a minimum on-state resistance and superior switching performance. It also can withstand high energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation mode. The UTC 1N40 is universally applied in electronic lamp ballast based on half bridge topology and high efficient switched mode power supply. „ FEATURES * High switching speed * RDS(ON)=6.8Ω @ VGS=10V * 100% avalanche tested „ SYMBOL 2.Drain Power

Unisonic Technologies - 1N40 pdf datasheet
Unisonic Technologies
1N40 datasheet pdf
6998 1N40

American Microsemiconductor - 1N40 pdf datasheet
American Microsemiconductor
1N40 datasheet pdf
6997 1N4000

S O LID STAT E INC. 1N3993 – 1N4000 Your TOTAL solutions source! 10 WATTS ZENER DIODES DO4 ZENER DIODES Low-voltage, alloy-junction zener diodes in hermetically sealed package with cathode connected to case. Polarity: Cathode-to-case (reverse polarity units are available and designed by an "R"suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS: Junction and Storage Temperature: -65°C to + 175°C DC Power Dissipation: 10 Watts (Derate 83.3 mW/°C above 55°C) The type numbers shown in the table have a standard tolerance on the nominal zener volta ge of + 10%. A standard tolerance of +5% on individual units is also available and is indicated by suffixing "A" to the standard type number. S O

SOLID STATE - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6996 1N4000
Diode Zener Single 7.5V 20% 10W 2-Pin DO-4

New Jersey Semiconductor - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
New Jersey Semiconductor
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6995 1N4000
10W Zener Diodes


Motorola - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6994 1N4000

1N2970 thru 1N3015B and 1N3993 thru 1N4000A 10 WATT ZENER DIODES SCOTTSDALE DIVISION DESCRIPTION These high power 10 W Zener diodes represented by the JEDEC registered 1N2970 thru 1N3015B and 1N3993 thru 1N4000A series provide voltage regulation in a selection over a 3.9 V to 200 V broad range of voltages. They may be operated up to 10 W with adequate mounting and heat sinking with their low thermal resistance. These Zeners are also available in JAN, JANTX, JANTXV military qualifications. Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applications. IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website: http://www.microsem

Microsemi Corporation - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
Microsemi Corporation
1N4000 datasheet pdf

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