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6999 1N40

1N40 UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD Preliminary 1A, 400V N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET „ DESCRIPTION The UTC 1N40 is an N-channel mode power MOSFET using UTC’ s advanced technology to provide customers with planar stripe and DMOS technology. This technology is specialized in allowing a minimum on-state resistance and superior switching performance. It also can withstand high energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation mode. The UTC 1N40 is universally applied in electronic l

Unisonic Technologies - 1N40 pdf datasheet
Unisonic Technologies
1N40 datasheet pdf
6998 1N40

American Microsemiconductor - 1N40 pdf datasheet
American Microsemiconductor
1N40 datasheet pdf
6997 1N4000

S O LID STAT E INC. 1N3993 – 1N4000 Your TOTAL solutions source! 10 WATTS ZENER DIODES DO4 ZENER DIODES Low-voltage, alloy-junction zener diodes in hermetically sealed package with cathode connected to case. Polarity: Cathode-to-case (reverse polarity units are available and designed by an "R"suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS: Junction and Storage Temperature: -65°C to + 175°C DC Power Dissipation: 10 Watts (Derate 83.3 mW/°C above 55°C) The type numbers shown in the table

SOLID STATE - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6996 1N4000
Diode Zener Single 7.5V 20% 10W 2-Pin DO-4

New Jersey Semiconductor - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
New Jersey Semiconductor
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6995 1N4000
10W Zener Diodes


Motorola - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
1N4000 datasheet pdf
6994 1N4000

1N2970 thru 1N3015B and 1N3993 thru 1N4000A 10 WATT ZENER DIODES SCOTTSDALE DIVISION DESCRIPTION These high power 10 W Zener diodes represented by the JEDEC registered 1N2970 thru 1N3015B and 1N3993 thru 1N4000A series provide voltage regulation in a selection over a 3.9 V to 200 V broad range of voltages. They may be operated up to 10 W with adequate mounting and heat sinking with their low thermal resistance. These Zeners are also available in JAN, JANTX, JANTXV military q

Microsemi Corporation - 1N4000 pdf datasheet
Microsemi Corporation
1N4000 datasheet pdf

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