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2 XC6206
Positive Voltage Regulators

1.新产品介绍 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ XC6206系列 可使用低ESR电容器  正电压调整器 序言 概  要 XC6206系列是采用CMOS 工艺,3 引脚低压差大电流稳压器。内 部由基准电压源、误差放大器、驱动晶体管、限流电路等构成。 通过采用CMOS

Torex Semiconductor
Torex Semiconductor
1 XC6206
100mA Low Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulators

XC6206 Series 100mA Low Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulators ■ DESCRIPTION The XC6206 series are precise, low power consumption, high voltage; positive voltage regulators manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. The series provides large currents with a significantly small dropout voltage. The XC6206 consists of a current limiter circuit, a driver transistor, a pr


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