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The SPHE8202L is Sphe8202l. Search results on our website will show parts matching your search part number. It also consolidates and displays results from multiple manufacturers with the same part number and similar functionality.


Searched parts can be used interchangeably as substitutes for one another, But it's important to note that the parameters for each manufacturer may vary slightly. Thus, accurate confirmation is crucial to ensure proper functionality of the part in your specific application. At our website, we prioritize providing our users with the most accurate and up-to-date information available to make informed decisions about electronic components.

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No Part number Description ( Function ) Manufacturers PDF
1 SPHE8202L

5 4 3 2 1 Servo analog +5V P+5V R78 EC7 BC4 BC5 BC6 2.2 BC40 0.1uF RFGND GND D A+5V CN2 1 2 3 4 POWER Q1 2SS8550D(EBC,1.5A,1W) DVCC3 L1 EC4 R15 20K BC31 REG01 0.1uF RFGND R16 12K L12 FB EC9 GND 100uF/16V 0.1uF L3 FB EC2 BC3 RFGND 100uF/16V 0.1uF CN8 1 2 3 4 USB GND R55 R52 C40 C41 EC30 NC NC 100uF/16V R53 15K R54 15K GAME 22 22 BC16 F1 FUSE(500mA) 1 2 DVCC 2 2 CN3 1 2 3 4


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Recommended search results related to SPHE8202L

Part No Description ( Function) Manufacturers PDF
SPHE8202A   DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor

Y l ia OG t n L e C d O i f N N I n H o E C S PC HE8200A IS SP E s D uDVD SinT Y gle Chip MPEG A /V l N L p C P r o c essor A I n N N u H S UN C E O R S S E U r M o F & Preliminary OCT. 07, 2003 Version 0.2 SUNPLUS TECHNOLOGY CO. reserves the right to change this documentation w

datasheet pdf
SPHE8202D   SPHE8202D

543 TP1 RAD+ TP2 RAD- TP3 FOC+ 27 28 26 25 A+5V TP4 FOC- 1 2 3 4 5C FOCFOC+ RAD+ RAD- 4 4 4 4 A+5V 6D R29 7 470 31 D 8 9 PUHRF C97 NC A RFGND 10 B 11 F RFGND 2 R28 Q3 100K 3(C) 1(E) RFGND 12 2SK3018 2(B) Q9 13 14 VREF1 BC10 0.1u BC4 0.1u RFGND CD_VR

datasheet pdf
SPHE8202R   Microcontroller Design Guide

DataSheet.in O y l n r o f I Z U H N A SPHE8202R Design Guide V2.0 – JUN, 2007 O y l n r o f I Z U H N A 19, Innovation First Road • Science Park • Hsin-Chu • Taiwan 300 • R.O.C. Tel: 886-3-578-6005 Fax: 886-3-578-4418 Web: www.sunplus.com DataSheet.in

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VVCC3 VGND C8 0.1UF C7 V_BIAS 2 NC 28 25 VVCC3 VGND A+5V VGND Vref0 PD R37 V_FSADJ 2 680 C10 V_REF 2 0.1UF DVCC3 C9 V_COMP 2 0.1UF A+5V R39 R40 R41 4.7K 4.7K RESET_AUD 3 AMP_CLK 3 C D C11 R38 C13 470 R43 1.5K C15 RFGND C17 C18 RFGND R50 100K LDSW RFGND 20K C19 R51 0.01

datasheet pdf
SPHE8202T   Microcontroller Design Guide

SPHE8202T Design Guide V1.0 - Jul 24, 2007 19, Innovation First Road • Science Park • Hsin-Chu • Taiwan 300 • R.O.C. Tel: 886-3-578-6005 Fax: 886-3-578-4418 Web: www.sunplus.com SPHE820T Design Guide Important Notice SUNPLUS TECHNOLOGY CO. reserves the right to change th

datasheet pdf


List of most widely used semiconductors

Part Number Function Manufacturers PDF

The 1N4007 is a rectification diode that is designed for high-voltage applications, typically up to 1000V. It has a maximum current rating of 1A and a forward voltage drop of around 0.7V.

Vishay Semiconductor

This is a popular adjustable voltage regulator.
( 1.2V to 37V)

On Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

 6N137  |   LM393   |   2N3906    |   2N2222   |   TIP120   |

   1N5818   |   LM324N    |   A1015   |   SMAJ20CA  

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