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1 RH400
RH SERIES Controller

RH SERIES ᄽൽጿᏞ❻Ոዱ ᪽ጕ CE ៺↱ UL/cUL ۤ⸬ᶾ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ᪽ጕ C-Tick ៺↱ R Free Datasheet http:// / ༸̞᷁ᶾχᅪব℩⭒஺઄੪ ਫ͢ᡁᘌ⚓‒ϙ 60mm RH CH 100mm ගϦ⢴○ ⬺ْᰛ RH100/400/900 ᄽൽጿᏞ❻Ոዱ ߊॄ⬺✜᜺⇜⬺⚓૗ϐ11Ḟᕮ⸛LCDŕ PVŕ౥Ω̒߁11Ḟŕ౥ƹ੪ᡁ‫⚓ی‬ẟ↥


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RH4 Data sheets

Part No Description ( Function) Manufacturers PDF
RH480272T-4X3WP-A10C   Display

OKAYA Electric America, Inc. SPECIFICATIONS DRAWING CODE SAMPLE CODE MASS PRODUCTION CODE LMPPDGH---P096H50400851-04020(V57e2rT.0-)005-I10Q (Ver.003) PSP1S232003224L0RT-S0-0D4G-I0B5-B01(Ver.0) SH480272T-005-I10Q (This Code will be changed while mass production) RG12032LRS-DGB-B

datasheet pdf
RH4F   Damper Diodes (For TV)

Sanken electric
Sanken electric
datasheet pdf

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