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2 OB2268
Flyback switching power supply applications

OB2268/OB2269 设计指导 OB2268/OB2269 设计指导 -反激式开关电源应用 一.概要: 随着科学技术日新月异的发展,人们对电源系统的性能要求也不断提高, OB2268/OB2269 采用独特的设计方案,使您的电源系统具有较高的性价比,满足广大客户 的需求。OB2268/OB2269 采用传统的电流模式结构设 计,其具

On-Bright Electronics
On-Bright Electronics
1 OB2268
(OB2268 / OB2269) Current Mode PWM Controller

OB2268 OB2269 Current Mode PWM Controller OB2268/9 is offered in SOP-8 and DIP-8 packages. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OB2268/9 is a highly integrated current mode PWM control IC optimized for high performance, low standby power and cost effective offline flyback converter applications in above 20W power level. PWM switching frequency at normal operation is externally programmable and


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