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ti el UvfJd v t:::; Industries Association MARK STEEL SCREWS WITH TWO "X" CO~NECTED WITH A BAR. ONLY ONE ~ "X';, NEED BE VISIBLE AFTER SLOTTING. POSITION OPTIONAL I I i NATIONAL AEROS ACE STANDARD e10,,"'0"' 199","os"e, ,,,,, ,,,,, ","00'' '0' 0' 'M," e, ~ i-FLENGTH H t 'NO ,ce "0,,, """"" T 18' } V 1L- FE_O_._~_~_:_~_LA __ ss ___4 SEE NOTE 6 --tN-H ICHEM :E OF

1 NAS514xxx
Semi-Precision Power Wirewound Resistor

SEMI-PRECISION POWER WIREWOUND RESISTOR ISO-9001 Registered AS SERIES • • • • 1/4 watt to 10 watts ±5%, ±3%, ±1%, ±.5% tolerance 0.1 ohm to 175K ohms Resistance wire TCR ±20 ppm/°C Alloy resistance wire wound to specific parameters including TCR's from ±20 to +5500 ppm/°C Alpha - Digital Marking All welded cap and lead assembly Heat conducting ceramic subst

International Resistive
International Resistive

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