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1 KC8801
PNP Transistor

KC8801 20ms PNP 1.0-2.0ms 1.5ms +Vcc 1.0ms PIN11 KC8801 PWM 1.5ms Vcc PIN2(IN) - 2.5v 2.0ms 1.5ms 4.3mA( CMOS ) 1 Tel 0755-29580531 Fax 0755-33902231 Website www.kcsemitech.com KC8801 3.4 7.0V 4.8V Ta 25 Vcc Io SINK Io SOURCS Pd Kθ Topr Tstg Icc VOL VOH IPNP VReg IReg TDB PNP Ta 25°C 7.5 950 520 550 5.5 -20 ~ +75 -40 ~ +125 V mA mA mW mW/ Ta 25 VCC 4.8V I

Cheng Technology
Cheng Technology

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