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2 K372

TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel Junction Type 2SK372 For Audio Amplifier, Analog-Switch, Constant Current and Impedance Converter Applications 2SK372 Unit: mm · High breakdown voltage: VGDS = −40 V · High input impedance: IGSS = −1.0 nA (max) (VGS = −30 V) · Low RDS (ON): RDS (ON) = 20 Ω (typ.) (IDSS = 15 mA) · Small package Maximum Ratings (Ta

1 K3728-01MR

( DataSheet : ) 2SK3728-01MR FUJI POWER MOSFET N-CHANNEL SILICON POWER MOSFET Outline Drawings [mm] TO-220F 200305 Super FAP-G Series Features High speed switching Low on-resistance No secondary breadown Low driving power Avalanche-proof Applications Switching regulators UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) DC-DC converters Maximum ratings and characterist

Fuji Semiconductors
Fuji Semiconductors

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