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2 EE25

EE25 TRANSFORMER SPEC Single stage LED driver 1. BOBBIN : (EI25 8Pin) 2. CORE : EE25 AL:2000 +/-25% nH/N*N( TDK PC40 MATERIAL or Equivalent) ) CIRCUIT : 。025 4) Datasheet pdf - http:// / 4. WINDING : 1). N1 : 2 ---- 1 2UEW Φ 0.35mm 27Tx4Layer 2). N2 4 Copper foil 0.025t*7 2). N3 6----5 Triple insulation winding wireΦ 0.6mm Totoku

1 EE2520H
General Power Transformer

General Power Transformer Type: EE2520H •Ÿ Product Description •E 37.0•~ 27.0mm Max.(L•~ W), 21.5mm Max. Height. •E In addition to the typical versions of parameters shown here, custom designs are available to meet your exact requirements. •Ÿ •E Feature Max. Operating frequency 300kHz. Max. Operating power 35.0W(300kHz) •E Ideally used


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