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2 CM501-01
CMMB mobile digital TV module specifications

CMMB 移动数字电视模块规格书 完全符合 CMMB 标准 GY/T220.1-2006 和 GY/T 220.2-2006 型号:CM501-01 2010-07-07 版本:v0.2 Free Datasheet http:// / 变更记录 1.2010.04.25 v0.1 初始版本 2.2010.07.07 v0.2 版本 2.1 增加了 SD 引脚 2.2 优化 1.8V 电源 Free Datasheet http:// / 1.产品特

1 CM5018
Low Power Narrowband FM IF

CM5018 (Preliminary) Low Power Narrowband FM IF The CM5018 includes an Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch. This device is designed for use in FM dual conversion communications equipment. • • • • • • Operates from 2.0 to 8.0 V Supply Low Drain Current 2.8 mA Typical @ VCC = 4.0 Vdc


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