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1 2N7000-G
N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Vertical DMOS FET

Supertex inc. 2N7000 N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Vertical DMOS FETs Features ►►Free from secondary breakdown ►►Low power drive requirement ►►Ease of paralleling ►►Low CISS and fast switching speeds ►►Excellent thermal stability ►►Integral source-drain diode ►►High input impedance and high gain Applications ►►Motor controls ►► Converters


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2N7000 Data sheets

Part No Description ( Function) Manufacturers PDF
2N7000   CASE 29-04/ STYLE 22 TO-92 (TO-226AA)

MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA Order this document by 2N7000/D TMOS FET Transistor N–Channel — Enhancement 3 DRAIN 2 GATE 1 SOURCE 2N7000 Motorola Preferred Device MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Drain Source Voltage Drain–Gate Voltage (RGS = 1.0 MΩ) Gate–Source Volt

Motorola  Inc
Motorola Inc
datasheet pdf
2N7000   N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET 2N7000 N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor Product specification File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC13b April 1995 Philips Semiconductors Product specification N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor FEATU

datasheet pdf
2N7000   (2N7000 / 2N7002) N-Channel MOSFET

2N7000 2N7002 N-CHANNEL 60V - 1.8Ω - 0.35A SOT23-3L - TO-92 STripFET™II MOSFET Table 1: General Features TYPE 2N7000 2N7002 Q Q Q Figure 1: Package RDS(on) Id 0.35 A 0.20 A 3 2 1 VDSS 60 V 60 V < 5 Ω (@ 10V) < 5 Ω (@ 10V) TYPICAL RDS(on) = 1.8Ω @10V

ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics
datasheet pdf

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