What is IS42S32400E?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "ISSI", performs the same function as "128Mb SYNCHRONOUS DRAM".

IS42S32400E Datasheet PDF - ISSI

Part Number IS42S32400E
Description 128Mb SYNCHRONOUS DRAM
Manufacturers ISSI 
Logo ISSI Logo 

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4M x 32
• Clock frequency: 166, 143, 133 MHz
• Fully synchronous; all signals referenced to a
positive clock edge
• Internal bank for hiding row access/precharge
• Single Power supply: 3.3V + 0.3V
• LVTTL interface
• Programmable burst length
– (1, 2, 4, 8, full page)
• Programmable burst sequence:
• Auto Refresh (CBR)
• Self Refresh
• 4096 refresh cycles every 16ms (A2 grade) or
64 ms (Commercial, Industrial, A1 grade)
• Random column address every clock cycle
• Programmable CAS latency (2, 3 clocks)
• Burst read/write and burst read/single write
operations capability
• Burst termination by burst stop and precharge
• Package:
86-pin TSOP-II
90-ball TF-BGA
• Operating Temperature Range:
Commercial (0oC to +70oC)
Industrial (-40oC to +85oC)
Automotive Grade, A1 (-40oC to +85oC)
Automotive Grade, A2 (-40oC to +105oC)
ISSI's 128Mb Synchronous DRAM achieves high-speed
data transfer using pipeline architecture. All inputs and
outputs signals refer to the rising edge of the clock input.
The 128Mb SDRAM is organized in 1Meg x 32 bit x 4
Clk Cycle Time
CAS Latency = 3
CAS Latency = 2
Clk Frequency
CAS Latency = 3
CAS Latency = 2
Access Time from Clock
CAS Latency = 3
CAS Latency = 2
-6 -7
6 7
10 10
166 143
100 100
5.4 5.4
6.5 6.5
-75E Unit
– ns
7.5 ns
– Mhz
133 Mhz
– ns
5.5 ns
Refresh Count Com./Ind.
Row Addresses
Bank Address
4M x 32
1M x 32 x 4 banks
4K / 64ms
4K / 64ms
4K / 16ms
A0 – A11
A0 – A7
BA0, BA1
Copyright © 2006 Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSI reserves the right to make changes to this specification and its products at any time with-
out notice. ISSI assumes no liability arising out of the application or use of any information, products or services described herein. Customers are advised to obtain
the latest version of this device specification before relying on any published information and before placing orders for products.
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the product can
reasonably be expected to cause failure of the life support system or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Products are not authorized for use in such ap-
plications unless Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. receives written assurance to its satisfaction, that:
a.) the risk of injury or damage has been minimized;
b.) the user assume all such risks; and
c.) potential liability of Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc is adequately protected under the circumstances
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. -
Rev.  E

IS42S32400E equivalent
IS42S32400E, IS45S32400E
Symbol Type
Input Pin
BA0, BA1
Input Pin
Input Pin
Input Pin
Input Pin
Input Pin
Input Pin
Input/Output Pin
Input Pin
Input Pin
Power Supply Pin
Power Supply Pin
Power Supply Pin
Power Supply Pin
Function (In Detail)
Address Inputs: A0-A11 are sampled during the ACTIVE
command (row-address A0-A11) and READ/WRITE command (column address
A0-A7), with A10 defining auto precharge) to select one location out of the memory
array in the respective bank. A10 is sampled during a PRECHARGE command to
determine if all banks are to be precharged (A10 HIGH) or bank selected by
BA0, BA1 (LOW). The address inputs also provide the op-code during a LOAD
Bank Select Address: BA0 and BA1 defines which bank the ACTIVE, READ, WRITE
or PRECHARGE command is being applied.
CAS, in conjunction with the RAS and WE, forms the device command. See the
"Command Truth Table" for details on device commands.
The CKE input determines whether the CLK input is enabled. The next rising edge
of the CLK signal will be valid when is CKE HIGH and invalid when LOW. When CKE
is LOW, the device will be in either power-down mode, clock suspend mode, or self
refresh mode. CKE is an asynchronous input.
CLK is the master clock input for this device. Except for CKE, all inputs to this device
are acquired in synchronization with the rising edge of this pin.
The CS input determines whether command input is enabled within the device.
Command input is enabled when CS is LOW, and disabled with CS is HIGH. The
device remains in the previous state when CS is HIGH.
DQM0 - DQM3 control the four bytes of the I/O buffers (DQ0-DQ31). In read
mode, DQMn control the output buffer. When DQMn is LOW, the corresponding buf-
fer byte is enabled, and when HIGH, disabled. The outputs go to the HIGH imped-
ance state whenDQMn is HIGH. This function corresponds to OE in conventional
DRAMs. In write mode, DQMn control the input buffer. When DQMn is LOW, the
corresponding buffer byte is enabled, and data can be written to the device. When
DQMn is HIGH, input data is masked and cannot be written to the device.
Data on the Data Bus is latched on these pins during Write commands, and buffered after
Read commands.
RAS, in conjunction with CAS and WE, forms the device command. See the "Com-
mand Truth Table" item for details on device commands.
WE, in conjunction with RAS and CAS, forms the device command. See the "Com-
mand Truth Table" item for details on device commands.
Vddq is the output buffer power supply.
Vdd is the device internal power supply.
Vssq is the output buffer ground.
Vss is the device internal ground.
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. -
Rev.  E


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