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Part Number VNH5180A-E
Description Automotive fully integrated H-bridge motor driver
Manufacturers STMicroelectronics 
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VNH5180A-E datasheet, circuit
Automotive fully integrated H-bridge motor driver
180 mΩ max
(per leg)
Iout VCCmax
8 A 41 V
Output current: 8 A
3 V CMOS compatible inputs
Undervoltage shutdown
Overvoltage clamp
Thermal shutdown
Cross-conduction protection
Current and power limitation
Very low standby power consumption
PWM operation up to 20 KHz
Protection against loss of ground and loss of
Current sense output proportional to motor
Output protected against short to ground and
short to VCC
Package: ECOPACK®
The VNH5180A-E is a full bridge motor driver
intended for a wide range of automotive
applications. The device incorporates a dual
monolithic high-side driver and two low-side
switches. Both switches are designed using
STMicroelectronics’ well known and proven
PowerSSO-36 TP
proprietary VIPower® M0 technology that allows
to efficiently integrate on the same die a true
Power MOSFET with an intelligent
signal/protection circuitry. The three dies are
assembled in PowerSSO-36 TP package on
electrically isolated leadframes. This package,
specifically designed for the harsh automotive
environment offers improved thermal
performance thanks to exposed die pads.
Moreover, its fully symmetrical mechanical design
allows superior manufacturability at board level.
The input signals INA and INB can directly
interface to the microcontroller to select the motor
direction and the brake condition. The DIAGA/ENA
or DIAGB/ENB, when connected to an external
pull-up resistor, enables one leg of the bridge.
Each DIAGA/ENA provides a feedback digital
diagnostic signal as well. The normal operating
condition is explained in the truth table. The CS
pin allows to monitor the motor current by
delivering a current proportional to its value when
CS_DIS pin is driven low or left open. When
CS_DIS is driven high, CS pin is in high
impedance condition. The PWM, up to 20 KHz,
allows to control the speed of the motor in all
possible conditions. In all cases, a low level state
on the PWM pin turns off both the LSA and LSB
Table 1. Device summary
PowerSSO-36 TP
Order codes
Tape and reel
December 2011
Doc ID 17074 Rev 5

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VNH5180A-E equivalent
Block diagram and pin description
1 Block diagram and pin description
Figure 1. Block diagram
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$)!'!%.! ).! #3 #3?$)3 07- )." $)!'"%."
Table 2. Block description
Logic control
Allows the turn-on and the turn-off of the high-side and the
low-side switches according to the truth table.
Shuts down the device for battery voltage lower than 5V.
High-side and low-side clamp voltage
Protect the high-side and the low-side switches from the
high voltage on the battery line.
High-side and low-side driver
Current limitation
Drive the gate of the concerned switch to allow a proper
RDS(on) for the leg of the bridge.
Limits the motor current in case of short circuit.
High-side and low-side overtemperature
In case of short-circuit with the increase of the junction
temperature, it shuts down the concerned driver to prevent
degradation and to protect the die.
Low-side overload detector
Detects when low side current exceeds shutdown current
and latches off the concerned Low side.
Fault detection
Signalizes the abnormal behaviour of the switch (output
shorted to ground or output shorted to battery) by pulling
down the concerned ENx/DIAGx pin.
Power limitation
Limits the power dissipation of the high-side driver inside
safe range in case of short to ground condition.
Doc ID 17074 Rev 5

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