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Part Number AT25DF041A
Description 4-megabit 2.3-volt or 2.7-volt Minimum SPI Serial Flash Memory
Manufacturers Adesto 
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AT25DF041A datasheet, circuit
Single 2.3V - 3.6V or 2.7V - 3.6V Supply
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible
– Supports SPI Modes 0 and 3
70 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
Flexible, Uniform Erase Architecture
– 4-Kbyte Blocks
– 32-Kbyte Blocks
– 64-Kbyte Blocks
– Full Chip Erase
Individual Sector Protection with Global Protect/Unprotect Feature
– One 16-Kbyte Top Sector
– Two 8-Kbyte Sectors
– One 32-Kbyte Sector
– Seven 64-Kbyte Sectors
Hardware Controlled Locking of Protected Sectors via WP pin
Flexible Programming Options
– Byte/Page Program (1 to 256 Bytes)
– Sequential Program Mode Capability
Fast Program and Erase Times
– 1.2 ms Typical Page Program (256 Bytes) Time
– 50 ms Typical 4-Kbyte Block Erase Time
– 250 ms Typical 32-Kbyte Block Erase Time
– 400 ms Typical 64-Kbyte Block Erase Time
Automatic Checking and Reporting of Erase/Program Failures
JEDEC Standard Manufacturer and Device ID Read Methodology
Low Power Dissipation
– 5 mA Active Read Current (Typical)
– 15 µA Deep Power-down Current (Typical)
Endurance: 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles
Data Retention: 20 Years
Complies with Full Industrial Temperature Range
Industry Standard Green (Pb/Halide-free/RoHS Compliant) Package Options
– 8-lead SOIC (150-mil and 208-mil Wide)
– 8-pad Ultra Thin DFN (5 x 6 x 0.6 mm)
2.3-volt or
SPI Serial Flash
1. Description
The AT25DF041A is a serial interface Flash memory device designed for use in a
wide variety of high-volume consumer-based applications in which program code is
shadowed from Flash memory into embedded or external RAM for execution. The
flexible erase architecture of the AT25DF041A, with its erase granularity as small as
4 Kbytes, makes it ideal for data storage as well, eliminating the need for additional
data storage EEPROM devices.

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AT25DF041A equivalent
Figure 4-1. Memory Architecture Diagram
Block Erase Detail
Internal Sectoring for
Sector Protection
(Sector 10)
(Sector 9)
(Sector 8)
(Sector 7)
(Sector 6)
Block Erase
Block Erase
Block Erase
(D8h Command) (52h Command) (20h Command)
Block Address
4KB 07F F F F h – 07F 000h
4KB 07E F F F h – 07E 000h
4KB 07DF F F h – 07D000h
4KB 07CF F F h – 07C000h
4KB 07BF F F h – 07B000h
4KB 07AF F F h – 07A000h
4KB 079F F F h – 079000h
4KB 078F F F h – 078000h
4KB 077F F F h – 077000h
4KB 076F F F h – 076000h
4KB 075F F F h – 075000h
4KB 074F F F h – 074000h
4KB 073F F F h – 073000h
4KB 072F F F h – 072000h
4KB 071F F F h – 071000h
4KB 070F F F h – 070000h
4KB 06F F F F h – 06F 000h
4KB 06E F F F h – 06E 000h
4KB 06DF F F h – 06D000h
4KB 06CF F F h – 06C000h
4KB 06BF F F h – 06B000h
4KB 06AF F F h – 06A000h
4KB 069F F F h – 069000h
4KB 068F F F h – 068000h
4KB 067F F F h – 067000h
4KB 066F F F h – 066000h
4KB 065F F F h – 065000h
4KB 064F F F h – 064000h
4KB 063F F F h – 063000h
4KB 062F F F h – 062000h
4KB 061F F F h – 061000h
4KB 060F F F h – 060000h
(Sector 0)
4KB 00F F F F h – 00F 000h
4KB 00E F F F h – 00E 000h
4KB 00DF F F h – 00D000h
4KB 00CF F F h – 00C000h
4KB 00BF F F h – 00B000h
4KB 00AF F F h – 00A000h
4KB 009F F F h – 009000h
4KB 008F F F h – 008000h
4KB 007F F F h – 007000h
4KB 006F F F h – 006000h
4KB 005F F F h – 005000h
4KB 004F F F h – 004000h
4KB 003F F F h – 003000h
4KB 002F F F h – 002000h
4KB 001F F F h – 001000h
4KB 000F F F h – 000000h
Page Program Detail
1-256 Byte
Page Program
(02h Command)
Page Address
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
07FFFFh – 07FF00h
07FEFFh – 07FE00h
07F DF F h – 07F D00h
07FCFFh – 07FC00h
07FBFFh – 07FB00h
07F AF F h – 07F A00h
07F9FFh – 07F900h
07F8FFh – 07F800h
07F7FFh – 07F700h
07F6FFh – 07F600h
07F5FFh – 07F500h
07F4FFh – 07F400h
07F3FFh – 07F300h
07F2FFh – 07F200h
07F1FFh – 07F100h
07F0FFh – 07F000h
07EFFFh – 07EF00h
07EEFFh – 07EE00h
07E DF F h – 07E D00h
07ECFFh – 07EC00h
07EBFFh – 07EB00h
07E AF F h – 07E A00h
07E9FFh – 07E900h
07E8FFh – 07E800h
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
256 Bytes
0017FFh – 001700h
0016FFh – 001600h
0015FFh – 001500h
0014FFh – 001400h
0013FFh – 001300h
0012FFh – 001200h
0011FFh – 001100h
0010FFh – 001000h
000FFFh – 000F00h
000EFFh – 000E00h
000DF F h – 000D00h
000CFFh – 000C00h
000BFFh – 000B00h
000AF F h – 000A00h
0009FFh – 000900h
0008FFh – 000800h
0007FFh – 000700h
0006FFh – 000600h
0005FFh – 000500h
0004FFh – 000400h
0003FFh – 000300h
0002FFh – 000200h
0001FFh – 000100h
0000FFh – 000000h

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