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Part Number STK732C
Description 15V Single Output MOS Chopper Regulator
Manufacturers Sanyo 
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STK732C datasheet, circuit
Ordering number : EN4533B
Thick Film Hybrid IC
15 V Single Output MOS Chopper Regulator
The STK732C is a chopper type step-down dedicated
15 V single output regulator that uses a power MOSFET
as its switching element. The STK732C covers the 2 A
and higher current regions, regions that are difficult to
handle with three terminal step-down regulators. As
compared with earlier chopper regulator products that
used bipolar transistors, the efficiency of the STK732C
has been further improved by the adoption of MOSFET
technology, and use of the STK732C enables further
miniaturization and increased performance in the end
product since it corresponds to the adoption of a
dedicated switching controller IC. Furthermore, due to
the development of a unique MOS drive circuit, the
STK732C can be used with a single power supply input.
The STK732C can prove useful when standardizing and
rationalizing power supply circuit design, since it can
handle a wide range of power supply circuits in a
number of applications, either as the secondary side
regulator in a switching power supply or as the output
regulator following AC transformer rectification.
• Power supplies in printers and other office equipment
• Power supplies in robots and other factory automation
related equipment
• Power supplies in VCRs and other consumer products
• Secondary side regulators in switching power supplies
• IMST substrate (insulated metal substrate technology)
• High efficiency realized by the adoption of MOSFET
• An auxiliary drive power supply is no longer required
due to the development of a unique NMOS FET drive
circuit. This means that the STK732C can be used
with a single power supply, thus allowing
simplification of the input system.
• Built-in reverse going linear overload characteristic
curve overcurrent protection circuit
• Ground line handling is eased even in multi-output
power supply structures due to placement of the
overcurrent detection resistor on the plus line.
• The STK732C’s separate excitation oscillator
structure provides high stability in the switching
• A built-in cutoff function allows an external signal to
switch the output on and off.
• The STK732C’s switching operating frequency is set
at 85 kHz, which minimizes beating when used in a
multiple output structure with STK730 type (5 V
output, 125 kHz) products.
Package Dimensions
unit: mm
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Semiconductor Bussiness Headquarters
TOKYO OFFICE Tokyo Bldg., 1-10, 1 Chome, Ueno, Taito-ku, TOKYO, 110 JAPAN
61096HA (OT)/82793YO (OT)No. 4533-1/6

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STK732C equivalent
Notes on PC Board Production
• Capacitor C1 should be placed as close as possible to the pin 10 input in the layout. (This is to prevent voltage drops in
the input lines and pattern. Also, a separate smoothing capacitor is required if the input is a direct current input using
rectified and smoothed AC.)
• Capacitor C2 should be placed as close as possible to the load in the layout. (This is to compensate for voltage drops
due to load fluctuations.)
• Pins 2 and 5 are voltage sensing lines, and should be connected close to the load, i.e., close to C2. (This is to
compensate for voltage drops in the pattern.)
• Pins 3 and 4 should be directly connected to the two terminals of the current detection resistor Rs1. (This is to prevent
detection based on pattern resistances.)
• Pin 6 should be connected to the capacitor C1 ground using a thick, short line to reduce the related loop area. (This is
to reduce switching spikes.)
• Power lines, i.e., lines that carry current, should be made as wide as possible in the pattern.
• When a ripple suppression LC filter is added, connect it at the location indicated by dotted lines in the figure. The
sensing line from pin 2 should be connected to the same position (the C2 location) as it is when no filter is used.
• C5 and R1, which are used to reduce switching spikes, should be connected as close as possible to the IC pins.
• Locations where multiple pins are used (pins 7 and 8, and pins 9 and 10) must be connected in the printed circuit
Output On/Off Control (cutoff)
The on/off control function uses pin 12. When pin 12 is at the low level, the output will be cut off.
Connection diagram for circuits that do not
use the cutoff function.
No. 4533-5/6

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