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Part Number 32304118
Description Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs
Manufacturers Honeywell 
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32304118 datasheet, circuit
Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs
Standard Power Series: SM351RT, SM451R, SM353RT, SM453R
Issue B
Honeywell’s Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs (integrated circuits),
Standard Power Series, are ultra-sensitive devices designed
for manufacturers who need a durable and reliable speed or
position sensor for large air gaps or small magnetic fields in
standard power (typically 3 Vdc to 24 Vdc) applications. Unlike
reed switches and other magnetic sensors, Honeywell’s solid
state design offers ultra-high sensitivity of 11 G max., making it
the highest sensitivity sensor in its class for standard powered
applications. The Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs, Standard Power
Series, respond to either a North or South pole applied in a
direction parallel to the sensor. They do not require the magnet
polarity to be identified, simplifying installation and potentially
reducing system cost.
• Durable and reliable due to magnetic solid state, non-contact,
no-glass design which enhance switching capability.
• Cost-effective and flexible due to the sensor IC’s ultra-high
sensitivity—the highest sensitivity sensor in its class for
standard powered applications—which lowers the customer’s
cost of magnets and simplifies design-in.
• Simplifies design-in for wired applications due to its supply
voltage range, omnipolar operation, SOT-23 and flat TO-92-
style package options and wide operating temperature range.
Ultra-high sensitivity (SM351RT and SM451R) allows for
potential use in applications requiring ultra-high magnetic
sensitivity (7 G typical operate, 11 G maximum operate).
• Magnetic sensitivities:
- Ultra-high sensitivity (SM351RT and SM451R): For
applications requiring ultra-high magnetic sensitivity
(7 G typical operate, 11 G maximum operate)
- Very high sensitivity (SM353RT and SM453R): For
applications requiring very high magnetic sensitivity
(14 G typical operate, 20 G maximum operate)
• Package styles:
- SOT-23 (SM351RT, SM353RT)
- Flat TO-92-style (SM451R, SM453R)
• Supply voltage range 3 Vdc to 24 Vdc
• Omnipolar sensing activates with either pole from a magnet
• Temperature range -40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
• SOT-23 supplied on tape and reel (3000 units per reel)
• RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC
• High frequency flow sensing in HVAC, water, fuel meters,
and gas utility meters
• Anti-tamper detection in water, electric, and gas utility
• Liquid level detection
• Motor RPM sensing
• In-cylinder position sensing
• RPM sensing in exercise and rehabilitation equipment
• Magnetic interrupt in exercise and rehabilitation equipment
• Absence/presence detection in infusion pumps
• Position sensing of medication dispensing cabinet drawers
• Incline position sensing in hospital beds
White Goods
• Lid, door and drawer position detection
• Fluid flow detection
• Liquid level detection
Honeywell’s Standard Power Series join:
• Magnetoresistive sensor ICs, including the Nanopower
Series, 2SS52M Series, SS552MT Series
• Hall-effect sensor ICs, including the SS351A, SS451A
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32304118 equivalent
Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs
Standard Power Series: SM351RT, SM451R, SM353RT, SM453R
Figure 4. Alignment of the Magnet to the TO-92-Style Package (SM451R, SM453R) Omnipolar Magnetoresistive Sensor IC
Ideal alignment: The magnet is aligned in the same plane as the sensor IC.
The magnetic flux lines stay horizontal
as the magnet approaches the sensor
IC (see Figure 4.A).
Figure 4.A
Sensor IC
Magnet movement
Offset alignment: The magnet is not aligned in the same plane as the sensor IC.
Parallel magnet approach to the sensor IC may cause dead zones.
Dead zones may occur when the majority
of the magnet’s magnetic flux lines become
vertical as it approaches the sensor IC,
turning the sensor IC ON, then OFF, then
ON (see Figure 4.B).
Figure 4.B
Sensor IC
Magnet movement
Perpendicular magnet approach to the sensor IC eliminates possible dead zones.
The sensor IC detects the approaching magnet’s horizontal magnetic flux lines, turning the sensor IC to ON. The sensor IC stays
ON as the magnet continues to approach. When the magnet is located directly over the sensor IC, all magnetic flux lines are now
horizontal (see Figure 4.C). (Note: This alignment decreases the magnetic flux strength at the sensor IC.)
Figure 4.C
Sensor IC
end view
top view
Magnet movement
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