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Part Number TLE4976-1K
Description High Precision Hall Effect Switch
Manufacturers Infineon 
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TLE4976-1K datasheet, circuit
February 2009
TLE4976-1K / TLE4976L
High Precision Hall Effect Switch with Current Interface
Data Sheet
Rev. 2.0
Sense & Control

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TLE4976-1K pdf, schematic
Edition 2009-02-12
Published by
Infineon Technologies AG
81726 Munich, Germany
© 2009 Infineon Technologies AG
All Rights Reserved.
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TLE4976-1K equivalent
High Precision Hall Effect Switch with Current
1 Product Description
1.1 Overview
The TLE4976-1K and TLE4976L are high precision unipolar Hall switches
with a two wire, 6mA/14mA current interface in a SMD or leaded package.
A chopped measurement principle provides high stability switching
thresholds for operating temperatures between -40°C and 150°C.
1.2 Features
• 3.0V to 24V supply voltage operation
• High sensitivity and high stability of the magnetic switching points
• High resistance to mechanical stress by Active Error Compensation
• Reverse battery protection (-18V)
• Superior temperature stability
• Peak temperatures up to 195°C without damage
• Low jitter (typ. 1µs)
• High ESD performance (± 8kV HBM)
• Digital output signal with current modulation 6mA / 14mA
• Unipolar version
• SMD package SC59 (SOT23 compatible): TLE4976-1K
• Leaded package PG-SSO-3-2: TLE4976L
1.3 Target Applications
The sensor targets all applications where a high precision unipolar magnetic switch is required (e.g. position
sensing). Due to the current interface the number of wires required in the application is minimized thus saving
costs and increasing reliability. This is specially helpful in all applications where the microcontroller is not on the
same PCB as the Hall switch but in some distance.
Product Name
Data Sheet
Product Type
Hall Effect Switch
Hall Effect Switch
Ordering Code
Rev. 2.0, 2009-02-12

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TLE4976-1K diode, scr
Brp Field
B op
Figure 5 Timing Diagram of TLE4976L
Functional Description
Figure 6 Output Switching of TLE4976L
Brp B
Data Sheet
7 Rev. 2.0, 2009-02-12

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