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Part Number AM2320
Description Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Manufacturers Aosong 
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AM2320 datasheet, circuit
Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
AM2320 Product Manual
Product Features:
Ultra-small size
Super cost-effective
Ultra-low voltage operation
Excellent long-term stability
Standard I2C and single-bus output
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AM2320 equivalent
2 SDA Serial data, bidirectional port
3 GND Ground
4 SCL Serial clock input port (single bus ground)
7.2 Power supply pin (VDD GND)
AM2320 supply voltage range of 3.1V - 5.5V.
7.3 Serial clock input (SCL)
The SCL pin is used to communicate the choice and I 2 C sensor communication clock line.
When the power is held low while SCL remains low even 500ms, which means that the user selects a
single bus mode of communication, otherwise I 2 C communications; After selecting the formula
mode during power, sensor communication mode remains unchanged; If you want to change
communication, re-power on, press the select operation requires communication.
When choosing the I 2 C communication between microprocessor and AM2320,SCL for the
synchronous communication.
7.4 Serial data(SDA)
SDA pin is three-state structure for reading, writing sensor data. Detailed Description of
specific communication sequence, see communication method..
8. I 2 C and a single bus
AM2320 serial interface, and power consumption reading sensor signal aspects are optimized
processing. Sensor uses a single bus, I 2 C outputs two communication modes, communication can be
switched freely, easy to use. SCL bus signal line to level when power to determine their bus
communication: SCL is held low on power as a single bus communication mode; SCL remain high
when compared to the power of communication modes I 2 C. Single bus is fully compatible with the
company's other products, single-bus communication; I 2 C communication in accordance with
standard protocols addressing, can be directly linked to the I 2 C bus (the bus is only allowed to
hang a product), without additional wiring, operation simple. Read AM2320 sensors, strictly in
accordance with the agreement of the two communication methods and timing proceed. Specific
details see single communication protocol and I 2 C bus communication protocol detailed.
8.1 I 2 C standard communication protocol introduced
8.1.1 I 2 introduction to C-bus
Another form of AM2320 processor and micro controller interface is I 2 C serial bus, in this
brief introduction about the I 2 C bus protocol standards. Due to space limitations, can’t list all the
contents of the agreement deeper questions, please consult the relevant information (refer to the
Philips website access).
8.1.2 I 2 C Bus Overview
Philips (Philips) at 20 years ago invented a simple two-wire bidirectional serial communication
bus, the bus is called the Inter-I 2 C bus. Currently I 2 C bus has become the industry standard solution
for embedded application, is widely used in a variety of professional-based micro controller,

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