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Description Solar lawn Controller
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ANA618 datasheet, circuit
太阳能草坪灯控制器-ANA618 (Rev 1.1/ 09/2008)
太阳能草坪灯控制器 ANA618
太阳能电池 上,把光能转变成电能存贮在蓄电池中,再由蓄电池在晚间为草坪
灯的LED(发光二极管) 提供电源。其优点主要为安全、节能、方便、环保
太阳能草坪灯控制器 ANA618 是我公司根据太阳能草坪灯工作特点专门研
制的,采用 TO-94 封装,外围元器件极少,便于生产;该控制器具有高转换效
率:85~90%(典型值), 可以减少太阳能电池板的功率要求;输出电流可调
1. 外围元器件极少,只需一个电感,便于生产
2. 高效率:85~90%(典型值),可充分利用太阳能电池通过电感调节电流,
简单方便,电流稳定,一致性好输入电流不受 LED 开启电压的影响
3. 低使能电压,确保灯具在外界光线足够暗的时候才开启
4. 使能控制具有施密特性能,保证灯具亮暗转换时的稳定性
1. 充电电池:单节充电电池驱动
2. 适用LED 范围:各种颜色的LED
Product Overview
The main advantage of this solar lawn device is that it uses green and clean
solar energy to function. In the daytime, as sunlight falls on solar cells, the light
energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. In the evening,
the illumination of the lawn is provided by the LED (light emitting diode) which is
powered by the charged battery.
ANA618's main advantage is that it is safe, energy-saving, convenient and
environmentally friendly. The Solar Lawn Controller ANA618 is developed based
on requirements of a solar-powered lawn lamp. It is specially designed, using the
TO-94 package with the need for very few external components, thus enhancing
the ease of production. The controller has a high conversion efficiency of
between 85 to 90% (typical). Hence, this efficiency reduces the power
requirements of a solar panel. Moreover, the output current can be adjusted and
the current consistency is good.
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