What is MT7601?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Maximizing IC", performs the same function as "Current LED Driver".

MT7601 Datasheet PDF - Maximizing IC

Part Number MT7601
Description Current LED Driver
Manufacturers Maximizing IC 
Logo Maximizing IC Logo 

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Maximizing IC Performance
Linear Constant - Current LED Driver
MT7601 is a linear constant - current LED driver,
used in non-isolated 110VAC / 220VAC directly
drive of LED lighting.
The MT7601 integrates 500V power MOSFET.
No electrolytic capacitor, Inductor and
transformer are needed. Low BOM cost is
achieved. The whole driver system can be
integrated into the LED lighting module. As an
integrated Lighting Engine, it can be driven by
AC line directly.
The LED string current can be flexibly set by
external sense resistor, range from 10mA ~
60mA. More than one MT7601 can be used in
parallel to support even larger LED current.
Linear constant - current LED driver
High precision constant current output.
Build in 500V power MOSFET
Less peripheral components
Directly integrated into LED lighting Engine
Support TRIAC dimming
Support line voltage compensation
Over temperature protection
Available in SOP8 package
LED fluorescent light, panel light
LED bulb light, decorative light
Other compact LED Lighting Product
Typical Application Circuit
MT7601 Rev. 1.30
Copyright © 2014 Maxic Technology Corporation
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MT7601 equivalent
Maximizing IC Performance
The final LED average current needs to fine
tune according to the measured results. In
this case, the system power factor (PF) can
reach more than 0.9. But the LED output
current will increase with the input voltage.
2There is a large electrolytic capacitor behind
the rectifier bridge. After rectifying, the line
voltage substantially closes to DC voltage.
So, the LED output current equals the peak
current, I LED I PEAK , as calculated in
Equation (1). In this case, the output current
is stable. But power factor is relatively lower.
Power Consumption and Heat
The voltage difference between input voltage
and output LED voltage can generate power
consumption, which is all undertaken by MT7601
internal power MOSFET. So, the LED string
voltage and input voltage range should be
properly configured to guarantee the power
consumption of MT7601 less than 1W, or use
good heat sink to lower the temperature.
Aluminum substrate PCB is recommended for
better heat dissipation.
Over Temperature Protection
MT7601 shuts down as the internal temperature
reaches the OTP (Over-Temperature Protection)
threshold. When the temperature goes down
about 20 hysteresis, it will resume.
LED Open Circuit and Short Circuit
When the LED string is open-circuited, MT7601
Linear Constant - Current LED Driver
system enters standby mode. When the LED
string is short-circuited, the output current
temperature is increasing rapidly, as all the line
voltage drops across the MT7601 internal power
MOSFET. The system enter into Over
Temperature Protection (OTP) status, the current
cuts off automatically. Until the temperature
drops, the current resume.
Line Voltage Compensation Circuit
MT7601 control the peak current during the LED
turns on. When the capacitor after the rectifier
bridge is small (high PFC applications), the LED
turn-on ratio varies with the input voltage. The
LED average output current will increase as the
input voltage increases. In this case, the line
voltage compensation circuit can be added, refer
to Fig. 3. Usually, R1 = 510Kohm, R2 is about
1.2Kohm. the bigger the R2 is, the stronger the
compensation is. By adjusting R2 value, the
variation of the LED output power can be
minimized. C2 is used to stabilize the system
loop and reduce EMI (electromagnetic
interference). Its capacitance normally is 22nF.
Increases LED output current
MT7601 can support the peak LED current at
about 60mA. If the current is too large, the chip
temperature rises rapidly, and the system enter
into the Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
status. If peak LED current is greater than 60mA,
more than one MT7601 can be used in parallel.
MT7601 Rev. 1.30
Copyright © 2014 Maxic Technology Corporation
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