What is BP2832?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "BETEC", performs the same function as "High Isolation Voltage DC Input Response Type SSOP Photo Coupler".

BP2832 Datasheet PDF - BETEC

Part Number BP2832
Description High Isolation Voltage DC Input Response Type SSOP Photo Coupler
Manufacturers BETEC 
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High Isolation Voltage DC Input Response Type
SSOP Photo Coupler
1. High current transfer ratio
(CTR=2000%TYP.@ IF=1 mA, VCE=2V ).
2. Small and thin package(4pin SOP,
Pin pitch 1.27mm).
3. High isolation voltage between input
and output ( Viso3750Vrms ).
4. High collector to emitter voltage
1. Hybrid substrates that require high
density mounting.
2. FAX.
3. Communications ,Telephone ,Telegraph
Receiver ,etc.
Internal Connection Diagram
Top View
1. Anode
2. Cathode
3. Emitter
4. Collector
Outline Dimensions(Unit : mm)
Classification table of current
transfer ratio is shown below.
Model No. CTR Rank CTR ( % )
BP2832EB E Rank
NO.01P25002 REV:1
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BP2832 equivalent
The information contained in this document is intended to be a
general product description and is subject to change without notice.
Please contact BETEC in order to obtain the latest device data sheets
before using any BETEC device. BETEC does not assume any
responsibility for use of any circuitry described. No circuit patent
licenses are implied. This publication is the property of BETEC. No
part of this publication may be reproduced or copied in any form or by
any means, or transferred to any third party without the prior written
consent of BETEC Electronics.
The devices listed in this document are designed for general
applications only in electronic equipment. No devices shall be
deployed which require higher level of reliability such as
Medical and other life support equipments.
Space application.
Telecommunication equipment ( trunk lines ).
Nuclear power control equipment.
Unless it received prior written approval from BETEC.
BETEC takes no responsibility for damages arise form the
improper usage of our device. Please contact BETEC for further
information regarding the above notices.
NO.01P25002 REV:1
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BP2832 photo coupler

1. SSOP Photo Coupler - BETEC

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