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This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "hager", performs the same function as "3 channel remote telephone interface".

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Part Number TS003
Description 3 channel remote telephone interface
Manufacturers hager 
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line connection
TS 003
User instructions GB
3 channel remote telephone
interface with voice guide.
Analogue line equipment
Declaration of conformity :
We, Hager Electro S.A, 132 Boulevard de lEurope
67215 Obernai Cedex, hereby declare under our own
responsibility that the products dealt with by these
instructions satisfy all essential demands linked to the
R&TTE 1999/5/CE Directive dated March 1999.
The BA Controls Quality Manager/ 01-01
TS 003
Product presentation:
The TS003 is a 3 canal telephone remote
control with voice guide.
The TS003 provides ON/OFF commands
for three different electric circuits (ligh-
ting, heating, household appliances,
watering, alarm systems, window blinds,
etc.) from any touch-tone telephone, to
suit your requirements..
A 4 digit secret code, known only by the
persons of your choice, allows you to
limit access to TS003.
TS003 is equipped with a voice guide
system to help you make your selections.
When pressing on your telephone
buttons your telephone transmits a tone,
it is then a vocal frequency telephone.
In the absence of a touche tone facility,
a TU001 coding device with voice guide
will still allow the use of your phone
remote control.
The telephone remote control can be
commanded from GSM portable
telephones and without the need of a
TS 003
1 line connection
on off
on off
on off
3 reset
C1 C2 C3
On-line indicator light.
Circuit operation indicator light.
Manual control push-buttons.
Language selection cursor.
Reset 4 digit secret code to factory
Enter your secret code (PIN):
The telephone remote control is equipped with a
factory setting code : 0000.
Personalise your secret code:
1. Dial your telephone number the TS003 answers
after 6 or 7 rings ands asks your access (secret)
code (PIN)
2. Enter the factory setting code : 0000.
3. Press the button on your telephone, the
TS003 voice guide will guide you through the
TS003 confirms your code (PIN).
(If you make 3 mistakes in entering your code
(PIN), TS003 hangs up. You can then call back
and try again).
4. Hang up.
In case you have forgotten or want to change your
code, please press the reset button, TS003 resets
the factory setting code (PIN) 0000.
Remote control :
A. To turn a circuit ON or OFF :
1. Call your telephone number
TS003 answers after 6 or 7 rings, and asks you
for your access code (PIN).
2. Enter your 4 digit secret code.
The TS003 welcome message tells you if each of
the 3 circuits (1, 2 and 3 in order) is ON, OFF or
set for timed switch-off.
3. Follow the voice-guide instructions to turn the
circuits ON or OFF or hang up.
You can change the setting for a circuit, without
listening to the whole message, by holding down
key 1, 2, 3, depending on which circuit you want
to change the setting for (circuit 1, 2, 3).
B. To program a circuit for timed switch-off
You can program each of the circuits to switch
off automatically after 1 to 100 hours, in 1 hour
increments. In this case, you only turn the circuit
ON, it will switch-off automatically at the end of
the programmed time period.
1. Call your telephone number.
TS003 answers after 6 or 7 rings, and asks you
for your access code (PIN).
2. Enter your 4 digit secret code.
3. Press the button and TS003 will guide you
Choose the circuit you want a timed switch-off
for, and program the duration of delay before
switch off.
4. Press button in order to switch ON the circuit
of your choice.
Voice Guide
Position the cursor in front of the
language of your choice (the choices
are French, German, English, Italian).
français -
deutsch -
english -
italiano -
After this configuration the circuit is always pro-
grammed for timed switch-off.
You can cancel the timer by following the above
mentioned steps and by entering a duration of
delay of 0 hrs.
The circuit will return to the configuration ON or
To control your circuits manually
Press the ON or the OFF button corres-
ponding to the circuit you want to turn ON
or OFF, on the main unit. If the circuit is
programmed for timed switch-off, pressing
the ON button starts the timer.
Using TS003 with a telephone answering
If TS003 is installed on the same line as an
answering machine, a fax or a modem.
1. call your telephone number.
2. hang up after the first ring.
3. Wait for 10 sec.
4. Then call back within 3 min 30 sec.
TS003 answers at the first ring.
In case of a power failure
Your access code (PIN) and the circuit
programs are stored in the memory.
Any pre-programmed delay before switch-
off may be delayed by as much as one hour.
Technical specifications :
Electrical characteristics :
- supply voltage : 230 VƂ +10/-15%
50/60 Hz
- consumption : < 4 VA
- output : 3 changeover contact
voltfree contact
max : 5 A / 250 VƂ AC1
mini : 100 mA - 12 V
- Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C
- Storage temperature : -20 °C to +60 °C
- capacity : flexible : 1 to 2,5
rigid : 1 to 4
A warranty period of 24 months is offered on hager products,
from date of manufacture, relating to any material of manu-
facturing defect. If any product is found to be defective it must
be returned via the installer and supplier (wholesaler). The
warranty is withdrawn if :
- after inspection by hager quality control dept the device is
found to have been installed in a manner which is contrary to
IEE wiring regulations and accepted practice within the indus-
try at the time of installation.
- the procedure for the return of goods has not been followed.
Explanation of defect must be included when returning
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