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Part Number U1600A
Description Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes
Manufacturers Agilent 
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Agilent U1600A Series
Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes
Data Sheet
Delivering the most functionality and
performance in their class of handheld
•Three-in-one solution : Dual
channel oscilloscope, True RMS
DMM and Real-Time Data Logger
•Large 4.5” color LCD display
•Up to 40 MHz bandwidth with
advanced triggering
•Up to 200 MSa/s sampling rate
•125 kilobytes/channel of waveform
memory depth
•6000 count DMM resolution with
22 automatic measurement
•125 kilobytes/channel of waveform
memory depth
•11 built-in measurement functions
including voltmeter, ohmmeter and
auxiliary meter
•Dual Waveform Math functions
(additional FFT function with four
windowing techniques available in
•Full remote control and data
transfer via PC Link application
•USB 1.1 full speed interface
•Multi-language Quick Help support
The U1600A series handheld digital
oscilloscope has a 4.5-inch LCD
color display that is capable of
clearly distinguishing waveforms
between two channels. This
U1600A series offers a high
performance troubleshooting and
quality assurance tool for technical
professionals in the installation,
maintenance, service and
automotive industries. The U1600A
series consists of two models:
U1602A — 20 MHz oscilloscope and
U1604A — 40 MHz oscilloscope.
Each model has real time sampling
rate of up to 200 MSa/s. Users can
use the Dual Waveform Math
(DWM) and Fast Fourier Transform
(FFT) functions (in U1604A) to
perform quick waveform analysis
in both time and frequency
domains. The built-in 6000
resolution count true RMS digital
multimeter (DMM) comes with
auto-range feature that gives users
the flexibility to perform quick and
accurate meter measurement
functions inclusive of voltage,
resistance and auxiliary
measurements. In addition to this,
the U1600A series also comes
standard with data logging
functionality that allows users to
consolidate a sequence of data
points for data recording
A scope, true RMS DMM and real-
time data logger in one instrument
The U1600A series is a robust,
high performance and reliable
handheld waveform and meter
measurement tool for today’s
challenging industrial environment.
This instrument not only provides
full featured oscilloscope
functions, but a 6000 count true
RMS DMM with real-time data
logger. The DMM consists of 11
measurement functions including
voltmeter (for DC voltage, AC
voltage, true RMS AC + DC voltage
measurements), ohmmeter (for 2-
wire resistance, capacitance, diode
and continuity test) and auxiliary
meter (for temperature, ampere,
humidity and pressure
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U1600A equivalent
Vertical System : Scope Channels
Bandwidth (–3 dB)
U1602A : DC to 20 MHz
U1604A : DC to 40 MHz
DC Vertical Gain Accuracy
5 mV/div: ± 4% full scale
10 mV/div to 100 V/div: ± 3% full scale
Scope Channel Triggering
Trigger Sensitivity
DC to 50 MHz: 0.5 divisions
U1602A: 5 MHz to 20 MHz — 1 division
U1604A: 5 MHz to 40 MHz — 1 division
Acquisition : Scope Channels
Maximum Sampe Rate
U1602A : 200 MSa/s interleaved, 100 MSa/s each channel (50 s/div to 125 ns/div)
U1604A : 200 MSa/s interleaved, 100 MSa/s each channel (50 s/div to 250 ns/div)
Equivalent Sample Rate
U1604A : 2.5 GSa/s (125 ns/div to 10 ns/div)
Vertical Resolution
8 bits
Maximum Memory Depth
125 kilobytes/channel
Peak Detection
5 ns
Selectable in average number of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Vertical System : Scope Channels
Analog Channels
Bandwidth (–3 dB)
AC coupled
Rise time
Single shot bandwidth
Maximum input
Offset/Dynamic range
Input impedance
Probe attenuation factors
Maximum probe input
Noise peak-to-peak
DC vertical offset accuracy
Single cursor accuracy
Dual cursor accuracy
Channel 1 and Channel 2 simultaneous acquisition
U1602A : DC to 20 MHz
U1604A : DC to 40 MHz
< 10 Hz without probe
U1602A : < 17 ns
U1604A : < 8 ns
U1602A : 20 MHz
U1604A : 40 MHz
5 mV/div to 100 V/div
CAT III 300 Vrms
± 5 div
1 MW || < 20 pF
U1560-60001 : 500 MHz 1:1 passive probe
U1561-60001 : 500 MHz 10:1 passive probe
1x, 10x, 100x
3 Vp-p, ~ 1 kHz
1x CAT III 300 VAC
10x, 100x CAT III 600 VAC
3% of full scale or 5 mV, whichever is greater
±0.1 div ±2 mV ±0.5% offset value
4% full scale
4% full scale
[1] All specifications are warranted. Specifications are valid after a 30 minutes warm-up period and within ± 10 oC from firmware
calibration temperature.
[2] All characteristics are typical performance values and are not warranted. Characteristics are valid after a 30 minutes warm-up
period and within ± 10 oC from firmware calibration temperature.
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