What is 0332019203?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Bosch", performs the same function as "Relays".

0332019203 Datasheet PDF - Bosch

Part Number 0332019203
Description Relays
Manufacturers Bosch 
Logo Bosch Logo 

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Master International Distributor
• High Capacity 50 Amp Mini Relays
• Standard Mini Relays
• Micro Relays
• Power Relays
• Connector Modules
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The Application Process
Consideration of the following
questions will aid in the selection
of the proper relay to suit your
1. Type of load? (Resistive,
Motor, Lamp, Inductive)
2. Size of load? What is the
number of Amps being switched
ON, carried during steady state
performance, and being switched
3. Time–Current curve? For a
motor or lamp load, what are the
magnitude and duration of the in
rush peak current during turn
4. Multi-tasking? Will one relay
part number “A” switch a lamp for
example in one circuit, and a
second relay part number “A”
switch a resistive load in another
5. Duty cycle? What is the
expected ON (running) time for
your load, and the expected OFF
(resting) time?
6. Temperature conditions?
What are the minimum and
maximum storage and operating
temperatures the relay will
7. Relay life? How many
switching cycles are required?
8. Coil suppression? Will a
resistor or diode in parallel to the
coil be required to suppress a
negative drop out voltage spike
when the coil is de-energized?
(This protects other devices in
your circuit.)
9. Method of mounting? Will
the relay be plugged into a power
distribution center, or be
mounted via a bracket?
10. Are other devices required?
Will you require mounting
connector modules and their
related terminals?
Contact Chief Enterprises, Inc.
for help in optimizing your relay
Recommended wire sizes for all relays
Metric Size
SAE Wire Size
Permissible Continuous Current
(approximate values)
at 25°C
at 50°C
10.5 20 112 18.0
10.8 18 116 10.6
11.0 16 120 13.3
12.0 14 130 19.6
13.0 12 134 22.6
15.0 10 151 34.0
18.0 18 168 45.0
13.0 16 191 60.5
19.0 14 121 80.0
These values are to be used only as a guide.
Operating voltage temperature correction factors for all relays
For ambient temperature (°C)
Multiply table value by
–40 –20
0 +23
0.75 0.83 0.91 1.00
Cycle life values for all relays are based on actual endurance tests performed by
Bosch on a continuing basis. The cycle life expectancy may differ in your appli-
cation. The values listed are reflective of customer requirements, and should only
be used as a guide.
datasheet pdf -


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0332019203The function is Relays.Bosch
0332019203The function is Relays.Bosch

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