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Part Number 25P05
Description M25P05
Manufacturers STMicroelectronics 
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25P05 datasheet, circuit
512 Kbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory
With 20 MHz SPI Bus Interface
This device is now designated as “Not for New De-
sign”. Please use the M25P05-A in all future de-
signs (as described in application note AN1511).
s 512 Kbit of Flash Memory
s Page Program (up to 128 Bytes) in 3 ms
s Sector Erase (256 Kbit) in 1 s (typical)
s Bulk Erase (512 Kbit) in 2 s (typical)
s 2.7 V to 3.6 V Single Supply Voltage
s SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
s 20 MHz Clock Rate (maximum)
s Deep Power-down Mode 1 µA (typical)
s Electronic Signature
s More than 100,000 Erase/Program Cycles per
s More than 20 Year Data Retention
Figure 1. Packages
SO8 (MN)
150 mil width
February 2002
This is information on a product still in production but not recommended for new designs.

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25P05 equivalent
Page Programming
To program one data byte, two instructions are re-
quired: Write Enable (WREN), which is one byte,
and a Page Program (PP) sequence, which con-
sists of four bytes plus data. This is followed by the
internal Program cycle (of duration tPP).
To spread this overhead, the Page Program (PP)
instruction allows up to 128 bytes to be pro-
grammed at a time (changing bits from 1 to 0), pro-
vided that they lie in consecutive addresses on the
same page of memory.
Sector Erase and Bulk Erase
The Page Program (PP) instruction allows bits to
be reset from 1 to 0. Before this can be applied, the
bytes of memory need to have been erased to all
1s (FFh). This can be achieved either a sector at a
time, using the Sector Erase (SE) instruction, or
throughout the entire memory, using the Bulk
Erase (BE) instruction.
Polling During a Write, Program or Erase Cycle
A further improvement in the time to Write Status
Register (WRSR), Program (PP) or Erase (SE or
BE) can be achieved by not waiting for the worst
case delay (tW, tPP, tSE, or tBE). The Write In
Progress (WIP) bit is provided in the Status Regis-
ter so that the application program can monitor its
value, polling it to establish when the previous
Write cycle, Program cycle or Erase cycle is com-
Active Power, Stand-by Power and Deep
Power-Down Modes
When Chip Select (S) is Low, the device is en-
abled, and in the Active Power mode.
When Chip Select (S) is High, the device is dis-
abled, but could remain in the Active Power mode
until all internal cycles have completed (Program,
Erase, Write Status Register). The device then
goes in to the Stand-by Power mode. The device
consumption drops to ICC1.
The Deep Power-down mode is entered when the
specific instruction (the Enter Deep Power-down
Mode (DP) instruction) is executed. The device
consumption drops further to ICC2. The device re-
mains in this mode until another specific instruc-
tion (the Release from Deep Power-down Mode
and Read Electronic Signature (RES) instruction)
is executed.
All other instructions are ignored while the device
is in the Deep Power-down mode. This can be
used as an extra software protection mechanism,
when the device is not in active use, to protect the
device from inadvertant Write, Program or Erase
Status Register
The Status Register contains a number of status
and control bits, as shown in Table 5, that can be
read or set (as appropriate) by specific instruc-
WIP bit. The Write In Progress (WIP) bit indicates
whether the memory is busy with a Write Status
Register, Program or Erase cycle.
WEL bit. The Write Enable Latch (WEL) bit indi-
cates the status of the internal Write Enable Latch.
BP1, BP0 bits. The Block Protect (BP1, BP0) bits
are non-volatile. They define the size of the area to
be software protected against Program and Erase
SRWD bit. The Status Register Write Disable
(SRWD) bit is operated in conjunction with the
Write Protect (W) signal. The Status Register
Write Disable (SRWD) bit and Write Protect (W)
signal allow the device to be put in the Hardware
Protected mode. In this mode, the non-volatile bits
of the Status Register (SRWD, BP1, BP0) become
read-only bits.

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