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Part Number SHT21
Description Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Manufacturers Sensitron 
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Datasheet SHT21
Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Fully calibrated
Digital output, I2C interface
Low power consumption
Excellent long term stability
DFN type package – reflow solderable
Product Summary
SHT21, the new humidity and temperature sensor of
Sensirion is about to set new standards in terms of size
and intelligence: Embedded in a reflow solderable Dual
Flat No leads (DFN) package of 3 x 3mm foot print and
1.1mm height it provides calibrated, linearized signals in
digital, true I2C format.
With a completely new designed CMOSens® chip, a
reworked capacitive type humidity sensor and an
improved band gap temperature sensor the performance
has been lifted even beyond the outstanding level of the
previous sensor generation (SHT1x and SHT7x). For
example, measures have been taken to stabilize the
behavior at high humidity levels.
0.3 typ
0.8 typ
0.4 0.3
Bottom View
1.0 1.0
Figure 1: Drawing of SHT21 sensor package, dimensions are
given in mm (1mm = 0.039inch), tolerances are ±0.1mm. Die
pad (centre pad) is internally connected to VSS. NC are floating.
Every sensor is individually calibrated and tested. Lot
identification is printed on the sensor and an electronic
identification code is stored on the chip – which can be
read out by command. Furthermore, the resolution of
SHT21 can be changed by command (8/12bit up to
12/14bit for RH/T), low battery can be detected and a
checksum helps to improve communication reliability.
With made improvements and the miniaturization of the
sensor the performance-to-price ratio has been improved
– and eventually, any device should benefit from the
cutting edge energy saving operation mode. For testing
SHT21 a new evaluation Kit EK-H4 is available.
Sensor Chip
SHT21 features a generation 4C CMOSens® chip.
Besides the capacitive relative humidity sensor and the
band gap temperature sensor, the chip contains an
amplifier, A/D converter, OTP memory and a digital
processing unit.
Material Contents
While the sensor itself is made of Silicon the sensors’
housing consists of a plated Cu lead-frame and green
epoxy-based mold compound. The device is fully RoHS
and WEEE compliant, e.g. free of Pb, Cd and Hg.
Additional Information and Evaluation Kits
Additional information such as Application Notes is
available from the web page
For more information please contact Sensirion via
For SHT21 two Evaluation Kits are available: EK-H4, a
four-channel device with viewer software, that also serves
for data-logging, and a simple EK-H5 directly connecting
one sensor via USB port to a computer.
Version 1.0 – January 2010

SHT21 equivalent
Datasheet SHT21
Figure 8 Top view of example of mounted SHT2x with slits
milled into PCB to minimize heat transfer.
2.5 Light
The SHT2x is not light sensitive. Prolonged direct
exposure to sunshine or strong UV radiation may age the
2.6 Materials Used for Sealing / Mounting
Many materials absorb humidity and will act as a buffer
increasing response times and hysteresis. Materials in the
vicinity of the sensor must therefore be carefully chosen.
Recommended materials are: Any metals, LCP, POM
(Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), PEEK, PP, PB, PPS, PSU, PVDF,
For sealing and gluing (use sparingly): Use high filled
epoxy for electronic packaging (e.g. glob top, underfill),
and Silicone. Out-gassing of these materials may also
contaminate the sensor (see Section 1.3). Therefore try to
add the sensor as a last manufacturing step to the
assembly, store the assembly well ventilated after
manufacturing or bake at >50°C for 24h to outgas
contaminants before packing.
2.7 Wiring Considerations and Signal Integrity
Carrying the SCL and SDA signal parallel and in close
proximity (e.g. in wires) for more than 10cm may result in
cross talk and loss of communication. This may be
resolved by routing VDD and/or VSS between the two
SDA signals and/or using shielded cables. Furthermore,
slowing down SCL frequency will possibly improve signal
integrity. Power supply pins (VDD, VSS) must be
decoupled with a 100nF capacitor – see next Section.
3 Interface Specifications
Pin Name
2 VSS Ground
1 SDA Serial Data, bidirectional
6 SCL Serial Clock, bidirectional 5
5 VDD Supply Voltage
3,4 NC Not Connected, floating
Table 2 SHT2x pin assignment, NC remain floating
3.1 Power Pins (VDD, VSS)
The supply voltage of SHT2x must be in the range of 2.1 –
3.6V, recommended supply voltage is 3.0V. Power supply
pins Supply Voltage (VDD) and Ground (VSS) must be
decoupled with a 100nF capacitor, that shall be placed as
close to the sensor as possible – see Figure 9.
3.2 Serial clock (SCL)
SCL is used to synchronize the communication between
microcontroller (MCU) and the sensor. Since the interface
consists of fully static logic there is no minimum SCL
3.3 Serial SDA (SDA)
The SDA pin is used to transfer data in and out of the
sensor. For sending a command to the sensor, SDA is
valid on the rising edge of SCL and must remain stable
while SCL is high. After the falling edge of SCL the SDA
value may be changed. For safe communication SDA shall
be valid tSU and tHD before the rising and after the falling
edge of SCL, respectively – see Figure 10. For reading
data from the sensor, SDA is valid tVD after SCL has gone
low and remains valid until the next falling edge of SCL.
MCU (master)
Figure 9 Typical application circuit, including pull-up resistors
RP and decoupling of VDD and VSS by a capacitor.
To avoid signal contention the micro-controller unit (MCU)
must only drive SDA and SCL low. External pull-up
resistors (e.g. 10kΩ), are required to pull the signal high.
For the choice of resistor size please take bus capacity
requirements into account (compare Table 5). It should be
noted that pull-up resistors may be included in I/O circuits
Version 1.0 – January 2010


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