What is SPE6V8UN?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "SYNC POWER", performs the same function as "Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array".


Part Number SPE6V8UN
Description Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array
Manufacturers SYNC POWER 

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Ultra Low Capacitance 2 -Line ESD Protection Array
The SPE6V8UN is 2-channel very low capacitance
ESD transient voltage suppressor which provides a
very high level of protection for sensitive electronic
components that may be subjected to electrostatic
discharge. It is particularly well-suited to protect
systems with high speed communication lines from
ESD, EFT, and lighting.
The SPE6V8UN is consists of two low capacitance
steering diodes and a TVS diode in SOT-353 package.
Each channel of SPE6V8UN could safely dissipate
ESD strikes of ±15kV air discharge as well as ±8kV
contact discharge, meeting the requirement of the IEC
61000-4-2 international standard. Using the
MIL-STD-883 (Method 3015) specification for
Human Body Model (HBM) ESD, the device provides
protection for contact discharges to greater than
‹ Cellular Handsets and Accessories
‹ Cordless Phone
‹ Notebooks and Handhelds
‹ Portable Instrumentation
‹ Digital Cameras
‹ MP3 Player High Definition Multi-Media
Interface Protection
‹ USB 2.0 Power and Data Line
‹ Monitors and Notebook Computers
‹ HDSL, IDSL Secondary IC Side Protection
‹ 10/100/1000 Ethernet
‹ Transient protection for data lines to
IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD)
±15kV (air)
±8kV (contact)
www.DataShIeEeCt4U6.1c0om00-4-4 (EFT)
40A (5/50ns)
‹ Protects five bidirectional I/O lines
‹ Working voltage: 5V
‹ Low leakage current
‹ Low operating and clamping voltages
‹ Low capacitance: 0.7 pF typical
2009/ 06 / 20 Ver.1
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SPE6V8UN equivalent
Ultra Low Capacitance 2 -Line ESD Protection Array
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No license is granted by allegation or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of SYNC Power Corporation. Conditions
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previously supplied. SYNC Power Corporation products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support
devices or systems without express written approval of SYNC Power Corporation.
©The SYNC Power logo is a registered trademark of SYNC Power Corporation
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SYNC Power Corporation
7F-2, No.3-1, Park Street
NanKang District (NKSP), Taipei, Taiwan, 115, R.O.C
Phone: 886-2-2655-8178
Fax: 886-2-2655-8468
2009/ 06 / 20 Ver.1
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