What is AOZ8900?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "Alpha & Omega Semiconductors", performs the same function as "Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode Array".

AOZ8900 Datasheet PDF - Alpha & Omega Semiconductors

Part Number AOZ8900
Description Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode Array
Manufacturers Alpha & Omega Semiconductors 
Logo Alpha & Omega Semiconductors Logo 

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Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode Array
General Description
The AOZ8900 is a transient voltage suppressor array
designed to protect high speed data lines from Electro
Static Discharge (ESD) and lightning.
This device incorporates eight surge rated, low
capacitance steering diodes and a Transient Voltage
Suppressor (TVS) in a single package. During transient
conditions, the steering diodes direct the transient to
either the positive side of the power supply line or to
ground. They may be used to meet the ESD immunity
requirements of IEC 61000-4-2, Level 4 (±15kV air,
±8kV contact discharge).
The AOZ8900 comes in RoHS compliant SOT-23
package. It is rated over a -40°C to +85°C ambient
temperature range.
ESD protection for high-speed data lines:
Exceeds: IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) ±15kV (air),
±8kV (contact)
IEC 61000-4-5 (Lightning) 5A (8/20µs)
Human Body Model (HBM) ±15kV
Small package saves board space
Low insertion loss
Protects four I/O lines
Low clamping voltage
Low operating voltage: 5.0V
USB 2.0 Power and Data Line Protection
Video Graphics Cards
Monitors and Flat Panel Displays
Digital Video Interface (DVI)
Typical Application
USB Host
+5V Ports
Figure 1. 2 USB High Speed Ports
Rev. 1.7 October 2008
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AOZ8900 equivalent
Application Information
The AOZ8900 TVS is design to protect four data lines
from fast damaging transient over-voltage by clamping it
to a reference. When the transient on a protected data
line exceed the reference voltage the steering diode is
forward bias thus, conducting the harmful ESD transient
away from the sensitive circuitry under protection.
PCB Layout Guidelines
Printed circuit board layout is the key to achieving the
highest level of surge immunity on power and data lines.
The location of the protection devices on the PCB is the
simplest and most important design rule to follow. The
AOZ8900 devices should be located as close as possible
to the noise source. The placement of the AOZ8900
devices should be used on all data and power lines that
enter or exit the PCB at the I/O connector. In most
systems, surge pulses occur on data and power lines
that enter the PCB through the I/O connector. Placing
the AOZ8900 devices as close as possible to the noise
source ensures that a surge voltage will be clamped
before the pulse can be coupled into adjacent PCB
traces. In addition, the PCB should use the shortest
possible traces. A short trace length equates to low
impedance, which ensures that the surge energy will be
dissipated by the AOZ8900 device. Long signal traces
will act as antennas to receive energy from fields that are
produced by the ESD pulse. By keeping line lengths as
short as possible, the efficiency of the line to act as an
antenna for ESD related fields is reduced. Minimize
interconnecting line lengths by placing devices with the
most interconnect as close together as possible. The
protection circuits should shunt the surge voltage to
wwwe.DitahtaeSrhteheet4rUe.fceormence or chassis ground. Shunting the
surge voltage directly to the IC’s signal ground can cause
ground bounce. The clamping performance of TVS
diodes on a single ground PCB can be improved by
minimizing the impedance with relatively short and wide
ground traces. The PCB layout and IC package parasitic
inductances can cause significant overshoot to the TVS’s
clamping voltage. The inductance of the PCB can be
reduced by using short trace lengths and multiple layers
with separate ground and power planes. One effective
method to minimize loop problems is to incorporate a
ground plane in the PCB design. The AOZ8900 ultra-low
capacitance TVS is designed to protect four high speed
data transmission lines from transient over-voltages by
clamping them to a fixed reference. The low inductance
and construction minimizes voltage overshoot during
high current surges. When the voltage on the protected
line exceeds the reference voltage the internal steering
diodes are forward biased, conducting the transient
current away from the sensitive circuitry.
Good circuit board layout is critical for the suppression
of ESD induced transients. The following guidelines are
1. Place the TVS near the IO terminals or connectors to
restrict transient coupling.
2. Fill unused portions of the PCB with ground plane.
3. Minimize the path length between the TVS and the
protected line.
4. Minimize all conductive loops including power and
ground loops.
5. The ESD transient return path to ground should be
kept as short as possible.
6. Never run critical signals near board edges.
7. Use ground planes whenever possible.
8. Avoid running critical signal traces (clocks, resets,
etc.) near PCB edges.
9. Separate chassis ground traces from components
and signal traces by at least 4mm.
10. Keep the chassis ground trace length-to-width ratio
<5:1 to minimize inductance.
11. Protect all external connections with TVS diodes.
Rev. 1.7 October 2008
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