What is LM393?

This electronic component, produced by the manufacturer "NXP Semiconductors", performs the same function as "Low power dual voltage comparator".

LM393 Datasheet PDF - NXP Semiconductors

Part Number LM393
Description Low power dual voltage comparator
Manufacturers NXP Semiconductors 
Logo NXP Semiconductors Logo 

LM393 is a low-power, dual voltage comparator IC (integrated circuit). It consists of two independent voltage comparators that are designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. The LM393 is commonly used in applications where it is necessary to compare two voltages or signals and determine their relationship to each other.

The LM393 is commonly used in a variety of applications, including voltage level detection, window comparators, oscillators, and other control circuits. It is also commonly used in automotive and industrial applications, where it is used to detect and monitor various signals and conditions.


What is the difference between LM393 and LM339?
Both ICs are voltage comparators, but the LM339 has four comparators while the LM393 has two. The LM339 also has a higher output current drive capability and a wider operating temperature range.

How do I use an comparator?
The device can be used to compare two voltages and output a logic level signal indicating the relationship between the inputs. An external resistor is typically used to set the reference voltage for the comparator. The output can be used to drive a variety of loads, such as LEDs, relays, or other digital logic circuits.

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Low power dual voltage comparator
Product data
Supersedes data of 2002 Jan 22
2002 Jul 12

LM393 equivalent
Philips Semiconductors
Low power dual voltage comparator
Product data
V+ = 5 VDC, LM193A: –55 °C Tamb +125 °C, unless otherwise specified. LM293/293A: –25°C Tamb +85 °C, unless otherwise specified.
LM393/393A: 0 °C Tamb +70 °C, unless otherwise specified. LM2903: –40 °C Tamb +125 °C, unless otherwise specified.
Min Typ Max
Input offset voltage2
Input common-mode voltage range3, 6
Tamb = 25 °C
Over temp.
Tamb = 25 °C
Over temp.
±2.0 ±5.0 mV
±9.0 mV
0 V+–1.5 V
0 V+–2.0 V
Differential input voltage1
Keep all VIN 0 VDC
(or V– if needed)
V+ V
Input bias current4
IIN(+) or IIN(–) with output in linear range
Tamb = 25 °C
Over temp.
25 250 nA
400 nA
IOS Input offset current
IIN(+) – IIN(–)
Tamb = 25 °C
Over temp.
±5.0 ±50 nA
IOL Output sink current
Output leakage current
ICC Supply current
VIN(–) 1 VDC; VIN(+) = 0; VO 1.5 VDC
Tamb = 25 °C
VIN(+) 1 VDC; VIN(–) = 0,
VO = 5 VDC; Tamb = 25 °C
VO = 30 VDC; over temp.
RL = on both comparators,
Tamb = 25 °C
RL = on both comparators;
V+ = 30 V
16 mA
0.1 nA
1.0 µA
0.8 1 mA
2.5 mA
AV Voltage gain
VOL Saturation voltage
RL 15 k; V+ = 15 VDC
VIN(–) 1 VDC; VIN(+) = 0; ISINK 4 mA
Tamb = 25 °C
Over temp.
200 V/mV
250 400 mV
700 mV
tLSR Large signal response time
VIN = TTL logic swing,
VREF = 1.4 VDC; VRL = 5 VDC;
RL = 5.1 k; Tamb = 25 °C
300 ns
tR Response time5
VRL = 5 VDC; RL = 5.1 k
Tamb = 25 °C
1.3 µs
1. Positive excursions of input voltage may exceed the power supply level by 17 V. As long as the other voltage remains within the
common-mode range, the comparator will provide a proper output state. The low input voltage state must not be less than –0.3 VDC (VDC
below the magnitude of the negative power supply, if used).
2. At output switch point, VO 1.4 VDC, RS = 0 with V+ from 5 VDC to 30 VDC and over the full input common-mode range (0 VDC to
V+ –1.5 VDC).
3. The input common-mode voltage or either input signal voltage should not be allowed to go negative by more than 0.3 V. The upper end of
the common-mode voltage range is V+ –1.5 V, but either or both inputs can go to 30 VDC without damage.
4. The direction of the input current is out of the IC due to the PNP input stage. This current is essentially constant, independent of the state of
the output so no loading change exists on the reference or input lines.
5. The response time specified is for a 100 mV input step with a 5 mV overdrive.
6. For input signals that exceed VCC, only the over-driven comparator is affected. With a 5 V supply, VIN should be limited to 25 V maximum,
and a limiting resistor should be used on all inputs that might exceed the positive supply.
2002 Jul 12


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1. Dual Comparator - National

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