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Part Number 28F004S5
Description BYTE-WIDE SMART 5 FlashFile MEMORY FAMILY 4 / 8 / AND 16 MBIT
Manufacturers Intel 
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28F004S5 datasheet, circuit
4, 8, AND 16 MBIT
28F004S5, 28F008S5, 28F016S5
Includes Commercial and Extended Temperature Specifications
n SmartVoltage Technology
Smart 5 Flash: 5V VCC and 5V or
n High-Performance
4, 8 Mbit: 85 ns Read Access Time
16 Mbit: 95 ns Read Access Time
n Enhanced Data Protection Features
Absolute Protection with VPP = GND
Flexible Block Locking
Block Write Lockout during Power
n Enhanced Automated Suspend Options
Program Suspend to Read
Block Erase Suspend to Program
Block Erase Suspend to Read
n Industry-Standard Packaging
40-Lead TSOP, 44-Lead PSOP
n High-Density 64-Kbyte Symmetrical
Erase Block Architecture
4 Mbit: Eight Blocks
8 Mbit: Sixteen Blocks
16 Mbit: Thirty-Two Blocks
n Extended Cycling Capability
100,000 Block Erase Cycles
n Low Power Management
Deep Power-Down Mode
Automatic Power Savings Mode
Decreases ICC in Static Mode
n Automated Program and Block Erase
Command User Interface
Status Register
n SRAM-Compatible Write Interface
n ETOX™ V Nonvolatile Flash
Intel’s byte-wide Smart 5 FlashFile™ memory family renders a variety of density offerings in the same
package. The 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit byte-wide FlashFile memories provide high-density, low-cost, nonvolatile,
read/write storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Their symmetrically-blocked architecture, flexible
voltage, and extended cycling provide highly flexible components suitable for resident flash arrays, SIMMs,
and memory cards. Enhanced suspend capabilities provide an ideal solution for code or data storage
applications. For secure code storage applications, such as networking, where code is either directly
executed out of flash or downloaded to DRAM, the 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit FlashFile memories offer three levels
of protection: absolute protection with VPP at GND, selective hardware block locking, or flexible software
block locking. These alternatives give designers ultimate control of their code security needs.
This family of products is manufactured on Intel’s 0.4 µm ETOX™ V process technology. They come in
industry-standard packages: the 40-lead TSOP, ideal for board-constrained applications, and the rugged
44-lead PSOP. Based on the 28F008SA architecture, the byte-wide Smart 5 FlashFile memory family
enables quick and easy upgrades for designs that demand state-of-the-art technology.
June 1997
Order Number: 290597-003

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28F004S5 equivalent
This datasheet contains 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit Smart 5
FlashFile memory specifications. Section 1
provides a flash memory overview. Sections 2, 3, 4,
and 5 describe the memory organization and
functionality. Section 6 covers electrical
specifications for commercial and extended
temperature product offerings. The byte-wide Smart
5 FlashFile memory family documentation also
includes application notes and design tools which
are referenced in Appendix B.
1.1 New Features
The byte-wide Smart 5 FlashFile memory family
maintains backwards-compatibility with Intel’s
28F008SA. Key enhancements include:
SmartVoltage Technology
Enhanced Suspend Capabilities
In-System Block Locking
They share a compatible status register, software
commands, and pinouts. These similarities enable
a clean upgrade from the 28F008SA to byte-wide
Smart 5 FlashFile products. When upgrading, it is
important to note the following differences:
Because of new feature and density options,
the devices have different device identifier
codes. This allows for software optimization.
VPPLK has been lowered from 6.5V to 1.5V to
support low VPP voltages during block erase,
program, and lock-bit configuration operations.
Designs that switch VPP off during read
operations should transition VPP to GND.
To take advantage of SmartVoltage tech-
nology, allow VPP connection to 5V.
For more details see application note AP-625,
28F008SC Compatibility with 28F008SA (order
number 292180).
1.2 Product Overview
The byte-wide Smart 5 FlashFile memory family
provides density upgrades with pinout compatibility
for the 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit densities. The 28F004S5,
28F008S5, and 28F016S5 are high-performance
memories arranged as 512 Kbyte, 1 Mbyte, and
2 Mbyte of 8 bits. This data is grouped in eight,
sixteen, and thirty-two 64-Kbyte blocks which are
individually erasable, lockable, and unlockable in-
system. Figure 4 illustrates the memory
SmartVoltage technology enables fast factory
programming and low power designs. Specifically
designed for 5V systems, Smart 5 FlashFile
components support read operations at 5V VCC and
block erase and program operations at 5V and 12V
VPP. The 12V VPP option renders the fastest
program performance which will increase your
factory throughput. With the 5V VPP option, VCC and
VPP can be tied together for a simple 5V design. In
addition to the voltage flexibility, the dedicated VPP
pin gives complete data protection when
Internal VPP detection circuitry automatically
configures the device for optimized block erase and
program operations.
A Command User Interface (CUI) serves as the
interface between the system processor and
internal operation of the device. A valid command
sequence written to the CUI initiates device
automation. An internal Write State Machine (WSM)
automatically executes the algorithms and timings
necessary for block erase, program, and lock-bit
configuration operations.
A block erase operation erases one of the device’s
64-Kbyte blocks typically within 1 second
(12V VPP), independent of other blocks. Each block
can be independently erased 100,000 times
(1.6 million block erases per device). A block erase
suspend operation allows system software to
suspend block erase to read data from or program
data to any other block.
Data is programmed in byte increments typically
within 6 µs (12V VPP). A program suspend
operation permits system software to read data or
execute code from any other flash memory array

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