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Part Number S25FL128P
Description 128-Mb 3.0 V Flash Memory
Manufacturers Cypress Semiconductor 
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S25FL128P datasheet, circuit
128-Mb 3.0 V Flash Memory
This product is not recommended for new and current designs. For new and current designs, S25FL128S supersedes
S25FL128P. This is the factory-recommended migration path. Please refer to the S25FL128S data sheet for
specifications and ordering information.
Distinctive Characteristics
Architectural Advantages
Single power supply operation
– Full voltage range: 2.7V to 3.6V read and program operations
Memory Architecture
– 128Mb uniform 256 KB sector product
– 128Mb uniform 64 KB sector product
– Page Program (up to 256 bytes) in 1.5 ms (typical)
– Faster program time in Accelerated Programming mode
(8.5 V–9.5 V on #WP/ACC) in 1.2 ms (typical)
– 2 s typical 256 KB sector erase time
– 0.5 s typical 64 KB sector erase time
– 128 s typical bulk erase time
– Sector erase (SE) command (D8h) for 256 KB sectors; (20h or
D8h) for 64KB sectors
– Bulk erase command (C7h) for 256 KB sectors; (60h or C7h) for
64KB sectors
Cycling Endurance
– 100,000 cycles per sector typical
Data Retention
– 20 years typical
Device ID
– RDID (9Fh), READ_ID (90h) and RES (ABh) commands to read
manufacturer and device ID information
– RES command one-byte electronic signature for backward
Process Technology
– Manufactured on 0.09 µm MirrorBit® process technology
Package Option
– Industry Standard Pinouts
– 16-pin SO package (300 mils)
– 8-Contact WSON Package (6 x 8 mm)
Performance Characteristics
– 104 MHz clock rate (maximum)
Power Saving Standby Mode
– Standby Mode 200 µA (max)
– Deep Power Down Mode 3 µA (typical)
Memory Protection Features
Memory Protection
– WP#/ACC pin works in conjunction with Status Register Bits to
protect specified memory areas
– 256 KB uniform sector product:
Status Register Block Protection bits (BP2, BP1, BP0) in status
register configure parts of memory as read-only.
– 64KB uniform sector product:
Status Register Block Protection bits (BP3, BP2, BP1, BP0) in
status register configure parts of memory as read-only
Software Features
– SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
Hardware Features
x8 Parallel Programming Mode (for 16-pin SO package only)
General Description
The S25FL128P is a 3.0 Volt (2.7V to 3.6V), single-power-supply Flash memory device. The device consists of 64 sectors of
256 KB memory, or 256 sectors of 64 KB memory.
The device accepts data written to SI (Serial Input) and outputs data on SO (Serial Output). The devices are designed to be
programmed in-system with the standard system 3.0 volt VCC supply.
The memory can be programmed 1 to 256 bytes at a time, using the Page Program command. The device supports Sector Erase
and Bulk Erase commands.
Each device requires only a 3.0 volt power supply (2.7V to 3.6V) for both read and write functions. Internally generated and
regulated voltages are provided for the program operations. This device requires a high voltage supply to WP#/ACC pin for the
Accelerated Programming mode.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation • 198 Champion Court
Document Number: 002-00646 Rev. *L
• San Jose, CA 95134-1709 • 408-943-2600
Revised September 18, 2015

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S25FL128P equivalent
3. Input/Output Descriptions
Signal Name
SO (Signal Data Output)
PO[7–0] (Parallel Data Input/Output)
SI (Serial Data Input)
SCK (Serial Clock)
CS# (Chip Select)
HOLD# (Hold)
(Write Protect/Accelerated Programming)
Transfers data serially out of the device on the falling edge of SCK.
Transfers parallel data into the device on the rising edge of SCK or out of the device on
the falling edge of SCK.
Transfers data serially into the device. Device latches commands, addresses, and
program data on SI on the rising edge of SCK.
Provides serial interface timing. Latches commands, addresses, and data on SI on rising
edge of SCK. Triggers output on SO after the falling edge of SCK.
Places device in active power mode when driven low. Deselects device and places SO
at high impedance when high. After power-up, device requires a falling edge on CS#
before any command is written. Device is in standby mode when a program, erase, or
Write Status Register operation is not in progress.
Pauses any serial communication with the device without deselecting it. When driven
low, SO is at high impedance, and all input at SI and SCK are ignored. Requires that
CS# also be driven low.
When driven low, prevents any program or erase command from altering the data in the
protected memory area specified by Status Register bits (BP bits). If the system asserts
VHH on this pin, accelerated programming operation is provided.
Supply Voltage
4. Logic Symbol
PO[7-0] (For 16-pin SO package)
Document Number: 002-00646 Rev. *L
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