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Part Number S25FL127S
Description 128 Mbit (16 Mbyte) 3.0V SPI Flash Memory
Manufacturers Cypress Semiconductor 
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S25FL127S datasheet, circuit
128 Mbit (16 Mbyte)
3.0V SPI Flash Memory
CMOS 3.0 Volt Core
– 128 Mbits (16 Mbytes)
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) with Multi-I/O
– SPI Clock polarity and phase modes 0 and 3
– Extended Addressing: 24- or 32-bit address options
– Serial Command set and footprint compatible with S25FL-A,
S25FL-K, and S25FL-P SPI families
– Multi I/O Command set and footprint compatible with
S25FL-P SPI family
READ Commands
– Normal, Fast, Dual, Quad
– AutoBoot - power up or reset and execute a Normal or Quad read
command automatically at a preselected address
– Common Flash Interface (CFI) data for configuration information.
Programming (0.8 Mbytes/s)
– 256- or 512-byte Page Programming buffer options
– Quad-Input Page Programming (QPP) for slow clock systems
Erase (0.5 Mbytes/s)
– Hybrid sector size option - physical set of sixteen 4-kbyte sectors
at top or bottom of address space with all remaining sectors of
64 kbytes
– Uniform sector option - always erase 256-kbyte blocks for software
compatibility with higher density and future devices.
Performance Summary
Cycling Endurance
– 100,000 Program-Erase Cycles per sector minimum
Data Retention
– 20 Year Data Retention typical
Security features
– One Time Program (OTP) array of 1024 bytes
– Block Protection:
– Status Register bits to control protection against program or erase
of a contiguous range of sectors.
– Hardware and software control options
– Advanced Sector Protection (ASP)
– Individual sector protection controlled by boot code or password
Cypress® 65 nm MirrorBit Technology with EclipseArchitecture
Supply Voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V
Temperature Range:
– Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)
– Industrial Plus (-40°C to +105°C)
Packages (all Pb-free)
– 8-lead SOIC (208 mil)
– 16-lead SOIC (300 mil)
– 8-contact WSON 6 x 5 mm
– BGA-24 6 x 8 mm
– 5 x 5 ball (FAB024) and 4 x 6 ball (FAC024) footprint options
– Known Good Die and Known Tested Die
Maximum Read Rates
Fast Read
Dual Read
Quad Read
Clock Rate
Typical Program and Erase Rates
Page Programming (256-byte page buffer)
Page Programming (512-byte page buffer)
4-kbyte Physical Sector Erase (Hybrid Sector
64-kbyte Physical Sector Erase (Hybrid Sector
256-kbyte Logical Sector Erase (Uniform Sector
Current Consumption
Serial Read 50 MHz
Serial Read 108 MHz
Quad Read 108 MHz
Current (mA)
16 (max)
24 (max)
47 (max)
50 (max)
50 (max)
0.07 (typ)
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation • 198 Champion Court
Document Number: 001-98282 Rev. *G
• San Jose, CA 95134-1709 • 408-943-2600
Revised July 13, 2016

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S25FL127S equivalent
Known Differences from Prior Generations
Error Reporting
Prior generation FL memories either do not have error status bits or do not set them if program or erase is attempted on a protected
sector. The FL-S family does have error reporting status bits for program and erase operations. These can be set when there is an
internal failure to program or erase or when there is an attempt to program or erase a protected sector. In either case the program or
erase operation did not complete as requested by the command.
Secure Silicon Region (OTP)
The size and format (address map) of the One Time Program area is different from prior generations. The method for protecting
each portion of the OTP area is different. For additional details see Secure Silicon Region (OTP) on page 59.
Configuration Register Freeze Bit
The configuration register Freeze bit CR1[0], locks the state of the Block Protection bits as in prior generations. In the FL-S family it
also locks the state of the configuration register TBPARM bit CR1[2], TBPROT bit CR1[5], and the Secure Silicon Region (OTP)
Sector Architecture
The FL127S has sixteen 4-kbyte sectors that may be located at the top or bottom of address space. Other members of the FL-S
Family and FL-P Family have thirty two 4-kbyte sectors that may be located at the top or bottom of address space.
These smaller parameter sectors may also be removed, leaving all sectors uniform in size, depending on the selected configuration
Sector Erase Commands
The command for erasing an 8-kbyte area (two 4-kbyte sectors) is not supported.
The command for erasing a 4-kbyte sector is supported only for use on the 4-kbyte parameter sectors at the top or bottom of the
device address space. The 4-kbyte erase command will only erase the parameter sectors.
The erase command for 64-kbyte sectors is supported when the configuration option for 4-kbyte parameter sectors with 64-kbyte
uniform sectors is used. The 64-kbyte erase command may be applied to erase a group of sixteen 4-kbyte sectors.
The erase command for a 256-kbyte sector replaces the 64-kbyte erase command when the configuration option for 256-kbyte
uniform sectors is used.
Deep Power Down
The Deep Power Down (DPD) function is not supported in FL-S family devices.
The legacy DPD (B9h) command code is instead used to enable legacy SPI memory controllers, that can issue the former DPD
command, to access a new bank address register. The bank address register allows SPI memory controllers that do not support
more than 24 bits of address, the ability to provide higher order address bits for commands, as needed to access the larger address
space of the 256-Mbit and 512-Mbit density FL-S devices. For additional information see Extended Address on page 48.
Hardware Reset
A separate hardware reset input is provided in packages with greater than 8 connections. In 8-connection packages, a new option is
provided to replace the HOLD# / IO3 input with an IO3 / RESET# input to allow for hardware reset in small packages.
Document Number: 001-98282 Rev. *G
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