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Part Number UJA1023T
Description LIN-I/O slave
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UJA1023T datasheet, circuit
LIN-I/O slave
Rev. 5 — 17 August 2010
Product data sheet
1. General description
The UJA1023 is a stand-alone Local Interconnect Network (LIN) I/O slave that replaces
basic components commonly used in electronic control units for input and output handling.
The UJA1023 contains a LIN 2.0 controller, an integrated LIN transceiver which is
LIN 2.0 / SAE J2602 compliant and LIN 1.3 compatible, a 30 kΩ termination resistor
necessary for LIN-slaves, and eight I/O ports which are configurable via the LIN bus.
An automatic bit rate synchronization circuit adapts to any (master) bit rate between
1 kbit/s and 20 kbit/s. For this, an oscillator is integrated.
The LIN protocol will be handled autonomously and both Node Address (NAD) and LIN
frame Identifier (ID) programming will be done by a master request and an optional slave
response message in combination with a daisy chain or plug coding function.
The eight bidirectional I/O pins are configurable via LIN bus messages and can have the
following functions:
Standard input pin
Local wake-up
Edge capturing on falling, rising or both edges
Analog input pin
Switch matrix (in combination with output pins)
Standard output pin as high-side driver, low-side driver or push-pull driver
Cyclic sense mode for local wake-up
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) mode; for example, for back light illumination
Switch matrix (in combination with input pins)
On entering a low-power mode it is possible to hold the last output state or to change over
to a user programmable output state. In case of a failure (e.g. LIN bus short to ground) the
output changes over to a user programmable limp home output state and the low-power
Limp home mode will be entered.
Due to the advanced low-power behavior the power consumption of the UJA1023 in
low-power mode is minimal.

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UJA1023T equivalent
NXP Semiconductors
LIN-I/O slave
7. Functional description
The UJA1023 combines all blocks necessary to work as a stand-alone LIN slave. Various
I/O functions typically used in a car are supported. For a more detailed description refer to
Section 7.2 to Section 7.6. The block diagram is shown in Figure 1.
7.1 Short description of the UJA1023
7.1.1 LIN controller
The LIN 2.0 controller monitors and evaluates the LIN messages in order to process the
LIN commands. It supervises and executes the NAD assignment, ID assignment and
I/O-configuration and controls the operating modes of the UJA1023.
The NAD configuration is done by a combination of a LIN master request frame and a
setting done by either a daisy chain or plug ID code.
7.1.2 LIN transceiver (including termination)
The LIN transceiver, which is LIN 2.0 / SAE J2602 compliant, is the interface between the
internal LIN controller and the physical LIN bus. The transmit data stream of the LIN
controller is converted into a bus signal with an optimized wave shape to minimize
electromagnetic emission. The required LIN slave termination of 30 kΩ is already
integrated. In case of LIN bus faults the UJA1023 switches to the low-power Limp home
7.1.3 Automatic bit rate detection
The automatic bit rate detection adapts to the LIN master’s bit rate. Any bit rate between
1 kbit/s and 20 kbit/s can be handled. This block checks whether the synchronization
break and synchronization field are valid. If not, the message will be rejected.
7.1.4 Oscillator
The on-chip oscillator provides the internal clock signal for some digital functions and is
the time reference for the automatic bit rate detection.
7.1.5 I/O block
The I/O block controls the configuration of the I/O pins. The LIN master configures the I/O
pin functionality by means of a master request frame and an optional slave response
Besides the standard level input and output behavior the following functions are also
handled by the UJA1023: local wake-up, cyclic input, edge capture, PWM output, switch
matrix I/O and AD conversion.
7.1.6 ADC
With three external components an 8-bit ADC function can be implemented. Each of the
eight bidirectional I/O pins can be used as input for the ADC, one at a time.
7.1.7 PWM
Each pin can be configured with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) function. The resolution
is 8-bit and the base frequency is approximately 2.7 kHz.
Product data sheet
All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.
Rev. 5 — 17 August 2010
© NXP B.V. 2010. All rights reserved.
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